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Futureheads gig at Newcastle Academy 18th May

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Spotted a few stray members of the Park mingling with the masses down at the Academy last night, minus Lukas who was across the pond in America with his lass by all accounts. The Futureheads were on form with their vibrant punky-pop and their witty craic and a good night was had by all.Paul

posted by pa5pc

19th May 2006, 16:29  

anonymous says:

paul looks weirdly small and slender in this pic like a girl. sorry

19th May 2006, 17:01

clara says:

He looks nice with the stubble.

19th May 2006, 17:17

..a bit much for my taste this time.

Are you guys actually doing something else than going to gigs?
Not that I am any better *looking forward to tomorrow night* ;)

19th May 2006, 17:20

clara says:

Yes, you've got a point about Paul's look,L.R. The band seem to be spending alot of time up in Newcastle,don't they?

19th May 2006, 17:32

Well, they're kinds located in Newcastle right..

When I saw the Heads I had a really freaky but totally rockin guy next to me..Dancing like mad..putting his right hand to his heart like singing the national anthem.
He was great and we laughed a lot.

I'm off to pick up some people for tonights actions (it's 7pm here, we're one hour ahead..). We don't really know what to do yet but we'll find something.

oh, right we're going to the movies, but I'm sure we'll find some nice bar afterwards :)

Bye and nighty all!

19th May 2006, 17:58

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Is it wrong that I find the slender, tiny girlishness thing incredibly attractive? And the excess stubble? Should I ever meet Paul, it is highly likely he'd want a restraining order put in place shortly after? ....
I do actually love the band for the music, but I guess it's not always apparent from my sexually frustrated posts... Sorry.

19th May 2006, 18:09

clara says:

Hey L.R. you sound over the moon!
Have a great night...your enthusiasm's very infectious.

19th May 2006, 18:11

clara says:

Bound,oh Bound,your post made me laugh so much!!!
Restraining order...yes I'm sure I can see where you're coming from.
You've got a good turn of phrase too.. very witty.
Paul reads this blog,y'know.Still,I reckon he's not fazed by much,least of all us on here.

19th May 2006, 18:15

clara says:

I have to sign off now. Cheerio all!

19th May 2006, 18:50

zagafeur says:

I remember you. Paul and I were halfway through a conversation and you and a load of others butted in. It's like...fair enough, but wait til we're done!
Not targeting you directly...but it happened about ten times in half hour or so, seeing as I don't get to see him much pissed us off.
I wonder if Tom ever got his change...

19th May 2006, 22:53

dishevelled Jen says:

tom didn't look too pleased when he had to go find some cash...

and that nasty streward nearly broke my arm! i only wanted to tap paul on the shoulder....

oh! and tom was impressed by plinc's creation! i told him it was made by adrian :)

19th May 2006, 22:56

zagafeur says:

It's a very dirty shoulder.

FROM AMERICA don't you know.

20th May 2006, 00:02

dishevelled jen says:

haha well archis didn't so i told him so...and then told duncan, and then Tom talked to me :D
*screams and jumps like those stupid fangirls did to ross outside the academy*

20th May 2006, 00:15

zagafeur says:


you would not believe - i was gonna referance that, i'd actually typed it, then i read the rest of the message, idiot I am.

20th May 2006, 00:23

dishevelled jen says:

so the rumours are true!

20th May 2006, 00:26

zagafeur says:

ooh wow the comments went off into the red...I'm proper impressed :D

Which rumours? There's so many...

Well, at least we're not watching bbc news tonight.

20th May 2006, 00:41

dishevelled jen says:

bbc news...afterwards was a disturbing programme on our crappy eurovision entry

20th May 2006, 00:48

zagafeur says:

Was that when I fell asleep? I can't imagine sitting/lying/standing on my elbows through that.

I want a glass of coke with ice in, what does that say about me when I don't even like the stuff?

20th May 2006, 00:55

dishevelled jen says:

you saved yourself the torture! you must have fallen asleep then...

you can have a coke with ice...just cos somebody else likes coke with ice (seven ice cubes because it's his lucky number)

20th May 2006, 00:58

zagafeur says:

There's too many people now! I'm so very confused.
*gives up and has a cigarette instead* on the whole a much better idea. You know I haven't had a fag since like...when I got the coach up there? That's your effect, people should hire you to battle addiction - off the heroin and on to the lego!

I'm going to bed now, reckon eurovisions on?

20th May 2006, 01:01

dishevelled jen says:

wooo! see no need for a ciggie! :D i'll keep you off the drugs and alcohol! i'm a good influence...not like i obssess over anything like

20th May 2006, 01:07

zagafeur says:

What drugs!?
Seriously..what drugs!?
Did Paul put something in the coke?!
My God that couldn't sound any worse, could it. 'did he put drugs in the drugs?' jesus I really should leave now, I'm disapointed in myself.


20th May 2006, 01:11

elenarendezvous says:

You looks like Napoleon Dynamite :D

20th May 2006, 10:04

anonymous says:


20th May 2006, 14:16

anonymous says:

That stubble is amazin, keep up the good work!

20th May 2006, 16:51