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21st May 2006, 20:27  

Gael says:


21st May 2006, 20:32

taniwha says:

Oh, no tag line. Ruth picked up 17 Mash videos (all different) at the may fayre yesterday. So this month we will be mostly watching Alan Alda playing a doctor playing Groucho Marx.

21st May 2006, 20:44

Gael says:

way cool! we have endless reruns of MASH here on Sky

21st May 2006, 21:03

taniwha says:

I also hear about teh endless re-runs of Seinfeld on Sky too. We have our DVD box set ...

21st May 2006, 21:08

Gael says:

did you know that Zizek explains Freud by using the Marx brothers for Id, Ego, SuperEgo?
guess we could use Klinger, BJ and HawkEye ...

21st May 2006, 21:16

taniwha says:

I like it. I reckon Blake should be a compassionate superego, Klinger as ego (logical desire to get out) but hawkeye as id? I could buy that - emotional, randy, and vain.

21st May 2006, 21:18

Gael says:

: )

21st May 2006, 21:21