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... Did it ever hurt to squeeze out her anal glands. They were blocked, but the vet did a good job, and 3 injectins later were back home.

Hope she will get better soon, she looks like a baboon now.
29th May 2006, 18:16   | tags:,,,,,

silar31 says:

Poor girl. Yeah, they should go back to normal fairly quickly - reckon she got antibiotics, a pain shot, and maybe a steroid for anti-inflammatory. Did the vet suggest any change to her diet? High-fiber diets are sometimes helpful for dogs and cats who have anal gland troubles. When JennyB, my beagle, starts showing signs of problems, I add a tablespoon of canned pumpkin or squash to her food for a week or so, and that clears things right up. Canned - but NOT pie filling - read the label, the ingredient list should be pureed pumpkin (or squash), water. For a wee cat, I'd give maybe a teaspoon or two. Most animals, in my experience, like the pumpkin as it's sweet. If she won't eat it, you might talk to the vet about a fiber supplement powder or capsule to give her.

29th May 2006, 18:43

puddlepuff says:

Those were the 3 she got!! You a vet yourself :)?

I'm gonna find out about that tomorrow, first find out if the shelter knows she had that problem eurlyer in her life.

The vet thought it could have something to do with the fact that her poo was a bit to soft due to stess, so the glands aren't squeezed properly everytime she poops.

Then I'm gonna see what I should do with the food.

29th May 2006, 18:57

silar31 says:

Nope, but I did take a course many years ago to become a veterinary technician - and then my health completely went to hell for a good many years so I was never able to work in the field. I do try to keep up with the literature though. Also, as JennyB gets this problem at times I keep up with any advances in treatment for it.

29th May 2006, 19:07

silar31 says:

Oh, and the poo - yep. That's what the fiber does - it firm up the poo and makes it a bit bigger, so the glands express naturally as they should and don't need to be expressed. The less often you need to do that, they better - continual blockages that need to be forced out can eventually cause damage to the tissues and lead to needing to remove the glands completely - a chancy, painful surgery that can result in permanent incontinence.

29th May 2006, 19:10

puddlepuff says:

Well they can remove them when it becomes a huge problem,.... but that is expencive and hard on the cat. So I hope it's a one timer.

You want to pick it up again?

29th May 2006, 19:13

silar31 says:

My health is better than it was, but I doubt I have the stamina to do it full time - it's a harder job than you might think! Plus, I'd have to go to school full time again - it's been the better part of 15 years since I got the certificate the first time around, and everything has advanced and changed, from technology to standards of care to certification requirements. I do have a couple of resumes out to vet's offices that are looking for receptionists/secretaries though - a bit more my speed :-)

29th May 2006, 19:17

puddlepuff says:

That would be great, then your atleast in the Vet work. You mind pick some things up. Once your in,.... the rest will follow for sure when health lets you. I think you want to..... :)

29th May 2006, 19:49

Puddlepuff NLI says:

Ouh, she was a bit sick last night. Guess it were the shots she got :(

30th May 2006, 08:37

silar31 says:

Maybe the steroid - steroids can do weird things to the digestive system. It can go either way - they could have the effect of making her feel very hungry all the time for a few days - plus thirsty and if that's it let her eat when she wants and drink as much as she wants. If she goes too long without food having this effect she can actually get sick from it - too much stomach acid with nothing to do. Sometimes steroids can make you nauseuos directly - but that's more common if they are taken by mouth.

30th May 2006, 14:19

puddlepuff says:

Well she wasn´t sick as in throwing up. More in like pooing loose stool,.... where ever it landed.

Got her interested in eating something. Didn´t see her drinking though. So gonna check on that in a few.

**Feel like an over worries dad**

30th May 2006, 14:43

silar31 says:

Ah! Ok, that's the antibiotics, then. A bit of plain yoghurt mixed in with her food might help that - or, if she won't eat that, you can get (I hope) acidophilus capsules to give her, but I know pilling a cat can be a challenge. And better to be a bit over-worried than let something go that should be seen to, IMO.

30th May 2006, 14:59

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