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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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"I'm just a poor girl, don't you care...

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.....Hey I'm not wearing any underwear."

Twiglet says:

Thanks Mandy, I'll tell the BS.....for it was he who actually got it. : (

7th Jun 2006, 17:37

paintist says:

so he is sending you out without your underwear to deal with the man?

7th Jun 2006, 17:38

Twiglet says:

Naah! It's just words from a silly song but it would certainly be a fitting punishment for the parking warden!

7th Jun 2006, 17:40

paintist says:

hehehe send BS out that would be even better......

7th Jun 2006, 17:44

Twiglet says:

BS has charmed his way out of numerous parking tickets, a wheel clamp and a closed, locked car park. We have high hopes....

7th Jun 2006, 17:46

Mastertoolos says:

50% discount if paid in 14 days, bargian, you only usually get those kind of deals from MFI on Bank Holiday weekends

7th Jun 2006, 17:53

540air says:

Parking tickets should be roundly burnt. (Or mostly squarely burnt I guess)

7th Jun 2006, 17:57

JokerXL says:

How much?
I got clamped last year in my truck outside Tesco, 255,- pounds!!
Most expensive pint of milk I ever bought!

7th Jun 2006, 18:32

Twiglet says:

100 quid unless you pay and get the 50% discount. But if you do that you lose the right of appeal as you can only appeal after 28 days. It's a racket alright but an accepted part of city life. 255 for a clamp? There *only* 90 quid around here....

7th Jun 2006, 18:34

rikaitch says:

What's a parking ticket?

7th Jun 2006, 21:09

Twiglet says:

A parking ticket, oh man of the mountains, is a giant sized pain in the arse!

7th Jun 2006, 21:16

rikaitch says:

As opposed to my normal profile, which is just a pain in a giant sized arse.

As for the parking ticket, I don't think I know anyone who's had one in recent years.

7th Jun 2006, 21:59

FilbertFox says:

so thats what they look like, i have never seen one

8th Jun 2006, 08:10

There was a news item in the MOS last week about a guy who has got off paying fines to London Congestion by quoting some obsure law that says no person my have a fine laid against them without being found guilty by court or something. I'll see if I can find the article on line for you.

10th Jun 2006, 09:05

Twiglet says:

Cheers Sir Findo, you're such a mine of information....and a great mate! xx

10th Jun 2006, 09:27

JokerXL says:

I want a refund!!

11th Jun 2006, 09:18