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Himalayan poppy. A bit pale this year, needs a dose of tonic...


hildegard says:

Ta - recipe for success; one bucket-size pot ericaceous compost, one shady site, annual tonic & lashings of benign neglect. :)

10th Jun 2006, 16:41

paintist says: this a true colour or is it more luminous in real life...i would love to try one of these

10th Jun 2006, 18:14

hildegard says:

This is quite pale by comparison with the usual colour & you're right, it generally has more luminescence. My fault - forgot to give it a dose of sequestered iron in the spring, which is really all it ever needs...

10th Jun 2006, 22:54

hildegard says:

Swamprose - Just the sequestered iron really - in pots, even in ericaceous compost, it quickly uses up the available iron & starts to go yellow /red brown & die. Meconopsis likes a bit of food too - ISTR it's a temperate rainforest plant, for all that it's Himalayan - just not very far up the Himalayas...

11th Jun 2006, 13:51

redhead4304 says:

Ooh this is lovely. It looks like something I should love to draw sometime... with your permission.

13th Jun 2006, 02:35

cyclist(bicyclist-at-vodafone-dot-net) says:

Gorgeous flower and brilliant pic

19th Jun 2006, 00:49

hildegard says:

Ta :) It's a fool thing to have in a pot but I couldn't resist it...

19th Jun 2006, 01:03

hildegard says:

Ta BK. It's pure dumb luck that it's still alive... :)

21st Jun 2006, 20:13