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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

This is where the band post photos of whatever takes their fancy that they think might be of interest to the wider public, from the mundane (backstage) to the spectacular (Archis' hair).

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Re: I could probably attach more than this each time...

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Polly (again) X
15th Jun 2006, 21:11  

I didn't look at the blog for only one day and suddenly there're a million pictures of some bunnies from God knows what gig..

Those are all so great (AND they make it unbelieveably difficult not to think of this effing dropped bet.)

16th Jun 2006, 09:30

clara says:

It was the London show this Wed gone at Vinyl Factory Gallery,L.R. I went and it
was fantastic.What bet are you referring to?

16th Jun 2006, 11:15

oh the T-mobile thingy? Glad you had fun :)

A christmas fair, strawberry punch, a bunch of people, me saying something (now that I think of it) quite stupid and my park badge which made everything worse.
My friends are all evil buggers..
All I'm gonna say.
If Paul wants to know more he shall try and catch me alone and ask.

16th Jun 2006, 11:36

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Hey, tell me about it L.R. I have been blog free for some three days before posting these and I didn't know what the hell was going on. Speaking of which:
What? Christmas Fair? Strawberry Punch? Pray tell. You can trust someone on the internet whom you've never met :P

16th Jun 2006, 12:13

Doesn't say strawberry punch enuff?
Someone (not me) had not enough money with him to pay for all the punch he's had.
Everything else was about kissing and free drinks for him then.
I said he wouldn't cause I knew something th eothers didn't know.
He did.
I lost the bet and got told to do something quite impossible as soon as I would attend the next Maximo Park gig.
I dropped that. Payed a night out instead.

I'm off, see ya'll on monday!

16th Jun 2006, 12:46

clara says:

That was all rather mysterious..

16th Jun 2006, 18:16

clara says:

How many people on here wore earplugs at the show?I didn't.

16th Jun 2006, 18:56

zagafeur says:

My friends did. I was standing right next to the amp, and I'm fine. Well, save the fact I've got the most incredible ear ache. But...that's got to be natural ;)

16th Jun 2006, 19:15

clara says:

Hmm well be careful you don't get hearing damage. I'm not taking any chances next time and I'm going to wear some special ones which filter
the sound. Your earache is T.T.S.
(Temporary Threshold Shift) which is the start of ear problems.

16th Jun 2006, 19:35

zagafeur says:

I get tinnitus (is that the name?) every now and then, which is annoying. I go to 4 or 5 gigs a month and I've never worn ear plugs in my life. I suppose it's time to start...nah.
I really should though, you're right, but it's always another thing to remember isn't it?

I should go and try and remember where I hid my life.

16th Jun 2006, 20:33

clara says:

Now's the time to start,as your hearing is very precious.Have a think about it.

16th Jun 2006, 20:42

zagafeur says:

I love how you care. :D

Next gig, whenever it is, I'll take earplugs just to see how it is. But I'll probably forget.

17th Jun 2006, 20:35

clara says:

Stick a note on your fridge to remind you Zagafeur:"MAXIMO EARPLUGS"

17th Jun 2006, 20:59

zagafeur says:

Only for maximo? now, that would do me not use at all, every gig I've ever been to I've bin at the barrier for at least one song.

17th Jun 2006, 22:27

clara says:

Well,change the wording to:

18th Jun 2006, 10:15

zagafeur says:

damnit. :p

18th Jun 2006, 14:23