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No, really. Go visit it!

Still haven't got a futurephone, but I NOW HAVE A WEBCAM AHAHAHAHAAA. Aren't you folks lucky?

Here's where there will be pictures of me and my friends and my little world.

We all float down here.

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Yes, it's my desktop.


Yes, I'm a fangirl.
20th Jul 2004, 04:07  


=^.^= says:

Love it!

And a greeeeat soundtrack too!

20th Jul 2004, 08:44

Groovicron says:

Bebop is in a league of it's own. Everything about the show is so damn cool.

20th Jul 2004, 10:09

Amber says:

Dude: WOO! :D Yeah, I *heart* this show.

Gato: I have The Perfect Sessions, and someone sent me all the songs that are played through the whole series. Tons of Yoko Kanno, Seatbelts, Mai Yamane, Steve Conte. LOVE IT.

Groovicron: Oh yes. Ohveryyes.

Now, are any of you guys familiar with Full Metal Alchemist?

20th Jul 2004, 13:39

Amber says:

2 brothers, Edward and Alphonse, live with mother in middle of nowhere -- father's wandered off at some point. The mother dies and the boys learn Alchemy to try and resurrect her. IT GOES BADLY. Show picks up and goes on after they're older, and Edward's arm and leg are now 'automail', cyber-type prosthetics, while Alphonse's soul has been connected to a set of plate armor. Backstory is told in bits during eps. Craziness ensues.

Rather than running for a single season, FMA managed 2 because of its popularity.

Some of the characters you just can't help but love.

20th Jul 2004, 13:56

mat says:

FMA is pretty rocking, although I haven't seen as much as I'd like. BeBop is OK (I never really got it, but good music) but I prefer stuff like Serial Experiments: Lain, Dominion Tank Police and Hellsing... (ah, Hellsing. Wonderful, if a little overdone) Lain is awesome though, well worth the massive download if you can find it.

Anyone seen any of the Ghost In The Shell serialization? Is it anything to do with the 'Innocence' story?

22nd Jul 2004, 16:13

Amber says:

Have heard of Lain, DTP and Hellsing -- will have to check them out.

Only saw the movie, Ghost in the Shell and /wow/ am I having some serious deja vu. ;)

But -- crap. Was it 'Ghost in the Machine'. Augh. It's been *years* and I can't remember.

22nd Jul 2004, 16:30

naked0ne says:

Cowboy Beebop is in league with the original Macross series I watched as a young boy. That and Tansformers, Voltron, etc.

Personally, the new feature films like Spirited Away, Jin-Roh and Deep Blue are what I'd hoped for in the C.B. movie and found. Make it in one episode rather than shortening the potentially deeper storylines into 30 minute segments.

Great blend of Noir, Pulp and Japanese vengence plotting.

Now, on to my writing.

26th Jul 2004, 06:07

Groovicron says:

Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone Complex is absolutely brilliant. The most expensive anime series ever and you can tell. It really is totally amazing. Story and general tone wise it falls between the comic and the film. A bit more serious then the comic, a bit more light hearted then the film (especially the tank thingies that I have no intention of trying to spell the proper name of).

As for Innocence I think it is a true sequel to the film so not related to SAC. The trailers are totally stunning and seem to show Batou as the main character, which is fine by me as the character is great.

26th Jul 2004, 09:22

animefx(animefx-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

everyone is speaking my language... i'm into cowboy bebop, fullmetal alchemist, naruto, lain, and naruto.

i want to see samurai champloo soon, it's by the same people that did bebop, but its with samurais.

7th Jan 2005, 09:32

Just A Guy!(ayodeji-at-sbcglobal-dot-net) says:

Full Metal Alchemist is a very good show. It at first appears goofy, but betrays some very well created characters and a fantastic story.

GIS:Stand Alone Complex is an absolutely brilliant series. It mixes in a lot of conceptual sci-fi and politics.
Its Excellent.

Bebop is in a class of its own and I truly love the infusion of music into the scenes and moods of the show.

Samurai Champloo is good too. Pretty funny, but not as good as Bebop.

Other shows to watch if you're interested: S-Cry-Ed and Paranoia Agent.

2nd Sep 2005, 21:06

The Dude says:

cowboy bebop. Cool as.

Fangirl meet Fanboy.
It really hurts sometimes.

8th Jun 2008, 17:18

The Dude says:

Too bloody right. One of the best I've heard.

8th Jun 2008, 17:18

The Dude says:

this is true. I also like outlaw star, but thats cos I love space and stuff.

8th Jun 2008, 17:18

The Dude says:

Rings a bell, Whats the Jist of it. I may have seen it.

8th Jun 2008, 17:19

The Dude says:

No, dont think i've seen it. but i shall keep an eye out for it, ah an hour of work left. then i'm off home to create.

8th Jun 2008, 17:19

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