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They painted new lines on the roads yesterday. This bloke has a lovely surprise waiting for him t is morning. Seems more than a little unfair...
16th Jun 2006, 09:30   | tags:,,,

nige says:

spot on title. top capture, dude. i sympathise with the driver...

16th Jun 2006, 09:37

Spike says:

it seems difficult to tell from the picture, as it seems that he is on a band..but syrely they cant ticket that dude as technically HE is NOT on double yellow lines as the lines have gone around him no?

im not car parking expert, just a barman

16th Jun 2006, 09:42

paintist says:

bummer...... good capture :-D

16th Jun 2006, 09:49

seaneeboy says:

I can just see his exasperated expression... "Oh, come ON!"

16th Jun 2006, 09:53

teflon says:

I reckon he probably has right to appeal here, since he didn't park on the double yellows, they were painted around him.
Also I'm sure I heard that unclosed double-yellows (ie ones which don't have a line connecting them to the pavement) are of dubious legality too.

16th Jun 2006, 10:08

taniwha says:

those road painters are such little scamps

16th Jun 2006, 10:10

Euphro says:

Yes, because those lines are not terminated, as Teflon describes, they don't yet count. Very cool capture, by the way :D

16th Jun 2006, 10:12

Spike says:

teflon would be right in the last part about the closed lines, TAKE 'em down peugot driver!!!!

16th Jun 2006, 10:12

that's ridiculous! great shot though!

16th Jun 2006, 12:02

Viv says:

great capture - seems to me he's parked on a corner though so he's had it anyway - unless they try to do him for parking on the yellow lines - Chris we need to know the resolution to this story!

16th Jun 2006, 12:17

Dhamaka says:

great capture - why don't you offer your photo (for a price, perhaps...)

16th Jun 2006, 14:44

mat says:

This happened to me once (although I didn't get a ticket.). I found 200M of freshly-painted double yellow behind the car, 1M in front and one Midget-shaped gap inbetween, containing my car. I shall have to try and find the photos.

16th Jun 2006, 15:29

Rhys says:


16th Jun 2006, 16:02

lilitiger says:

They might need this picture if they want to contest the ticket. Not sure how you'd let them know you've got it, from the number plate?

16th Jun 2006, 22:24

A says:


17th Jun 2006, 01:41

The lines do count unfortunatly :( They will be terminated at each end, the only reason they are not termineated there is because they are supposed to continue but can't because of the obstruction. The lines will be legal and enforcable on a set date, published in the local paper in council notices. They get you whichever way you try and turn..

17th Jun 2006, 09:39

sslovetub says:

I would cry if that was my car. I'm sure if he appealed he would get let off but the time, effort and possible cost involved, not to mention the possibility of getting a judge in a shitty mood are just too great for most so we cough up the ££'s without question. It's a seriously fucked up system they have in place. I appreciate and understand ticketing and restrictions are a necessity in some places but it's too often that they take the piss something chronic, don't use brains/discretion and common sense and get away with it every time.
Makes my blood boil and rage like nothing else.
I feel like harming something.

23rd Jun 2006, 13:40

jimmy(james-at-jimm-dot-com) says:

No line isn't enforceable, even in a traffic order is in place and signage up, if the signs are not as statute then they can't be enforced. Go to pepipoo and in the forums go to parking and look for "Double Yellows and T Bars" subject it will give case law

28th Jun 2006, 17:55

rob says:

From pepipoo

"A Traffic Management Order cannot come into force untill all signs and markings have been completed.

The Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England & Wales) Regulations 1996.
Regulation 18(1) provides:
“Where an order relating to a road has been made, the order making authority shall take such steps as are necessary to secure:
( a ) before the order comes into force, the placing on or near the road of such traffic signs in such positions as the order making authority may consider requisite for securing that adequate information as to the effect of the order is made available to persons using the road;.......

If the council haven't finished painting the yellow lines (lets say because there was an obstruction), then the TMO is not in force."

28th Jun 2006, 18:32

nick fell(nick-dot-fell-at-btopenworld-dot-com) says:

the double yellow lines in this picture above are illegal as they do not have end cap markers and are broken and discontinous which is a breach of the law and therefore they cannot be inforced.
Any lines like these technically do not exist on the tarmac.

28th May 2008, 16:11