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The Story of Bottled Water

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So called for her habit of turning up & being piteous on cold winter nights.
("All I want is a room somewhere/ Far away from the cold night air/ With one
enormous chair/ Oh wouldn't it be luverly?...") and so forth. Hard to
believe she was damn' near bald when she first turned up here...


autumncat says:

She is beautiful. We also have a Tortie!

18th Jun 2006, 17:05

hildegard says:

She's not mine. She belongs to a near neighbour. However the neighbour is v ill & isn't quite as fully alert to the world as she might otherwise be. As a result, Eliza got into a bit of a state. Between us, we keep her in fairly good nick now; I just have to keep working on my plan to get her spayed... :)

18th Jun 2006, 17:13

Hello Hildegard, I love this breed (is named squama di tartaruga in Italy)... it is told who they give fortune and all the tortie I have meet are evere sweet!

18th Jun 2006, 17:22

hildegard says:

Ciao, Zizzi! Tortoiseshell cats are very sweet, yes, & then suddenly, pazzo, bonkers, loony; unexpectedly attached to one's hand by their teeth... :) (No offence autumncat, maybe you've got the world's one pacifist tortoiseshell...)

18th Jun 2006, 17:28

She looks just like my thea as a kitten! I've got a photo on my moblog of her now age 12

19th Jun 2006, 00:01

hildegard says:

So, you've lived with a tortie for a while? Where do you stand on the random violence of tortoiseshells? Vile canard or all too true? ;)

19th Jun 2006, 02:29

jules says:

I don't know why but this cat kinda remind me of a story that I read recently called The Price by Neil Gaiman. About a cat, a family and the devil. I don't want to give out any spoiler, but the cat is the good guy of course :D

28th Jun 2006, 02:48

hildegard says:

Suspect it would take a very senior demon to consider crossing swords with Eliza. Arnold is literally twice her size & baffled by her constant attempts to beat him up...

28th Jun 2006, 13:43