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Electric Energy - a brief taste of lightening.

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Electric Energy
A brief taste of lightening.

Ok, so I dont live in the UK. So sue me. I do have a few friends over there, though. My company even has an office in the UK that I would love to get over and see one of these days. Maybe one day (very soon) I will. Maybe someday I'll even move there. I've wanted to since I was a little kid. For now, I'm ok here in California.

I'm a full 5'6"; 130lb fiesty redhead. I've got a fairly decent outlook on life. I'm grateful for what I've got and I'm not willing to compromise it in the slightest.

I'm an ex-model now working behind the cameras in the broadcasting industry. I love my job and get to travel all the time. I've met some incredible friends and had some amazing experiences because of it.

I'm also a camera ham, as you will learn soon. I'll always try to answer your comments, so please feel free to leave me as many as you like.

At one time I would have said that my favorite book was "The Count of Monte Cristo" because it's such a prime example of what revenge can do. Now, I have to say that it's still a fine piece of literature, but I like it for other reasons than I once did. I'm no longer interested in revenge. I'm interested in telling the truth to anyone who will listen. That's actually EXACTLY what my own book is about. If you're a part of my life, then I can guarantee you are in my book. Remember that. I may not be out for revenge, but karma will always kick someone in the butt.

I just finished writing my first novel. I actually just finished it 9.13.05 so I'm in the stages of editing at the moment. In the mean time, I've also started the second novel, and progress is going well.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you!!!

My simple words of advise :

If something needs to be done, DO IT ALREADY! Dont wait for others to take care of it or nothing will ever be accomplished.

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Didn't know my car could do this!

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I had to slow down a bit to take this shot with my camera phone. This was at 110 mph... and by the blur effect on the left, you can tell my car was shaking a tiny bit... well, either that or my hand was. Almost looks like I'm about to teleport like the Delorian in Back to the Future with that strange blur effect.
This just goes to show you what a couple of new tires on the front of a car can do for the ride!
19th Jun 2006, 17:24  


DeanDare says:

Excellent, well done mate

19th Jun 2006, 17:30

Craigeee says:

What car have you got?

19th Jun 2006, 17:38

SaharaSB says:

slow down hun ! your heading for an accident then that will be the end of your beautiful career and blog ! ! !

19th Jun 2006, 18:07

redhead4304 says:

Thank you DeanDare!
Craigeee, I have a Mazda Miata.
LOL Sahara ~ I only do this on the open roads. Besides, I've taken professional race driver training.

20th Jun 2006, 00:43

shark says:

Does professional race driver training let you better pre-empt the movements of other road users?

Your speedo is probably over-reading at those kind of speeds anyway; just as well, if it keeps you from aiming for higher "goals".

20th Jun 2006, 09:21

redhead4304 says:

Shark - No it doesnt but when it's 2 in the morning, there ARE no other drivers really.
This is fast enough for my car - but just so your mind is at ease, my speedometer is actually under-reading a bit.

20th Jun 2006, 16:29

seaneeboy says:

*Frowns at driving and blogging at the same time*

20th Jun 2006, 16:46

redhead4304 says:

LOL Seaneeboy!
Dont worry! Like I said, I slowed down to take this picture. Besides, the camera phone was in my hand on the steering wheel. I didn't actually send in the picture until I was safely at home and in my warm bed.

20th Jun 2006, 17:00

Mandy. says:

last time i did over 100, a tire blew out. that's one to grow on.

20th Jun 2006, 17:04

redhead4304 says:

I actually just got new tires on my car, so I was a little more nervous before this to try and hit these speeds. This is far from a normal day for me.

20th Jun 2006, 17:21