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A shared moblog for people to upload audio files
of them saying Hello, Hi, Salam, Guten Tag, Ohayo, Dzien dobry, Buenos Dias - or whatever else you say where you live!

suggested by bronxelf

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My Slighlty Drunk Hello to you all

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Enjoy everyone, its for you remember!

posted by Spike in a drunken stupor

Posted by Legardored

20th Jun 2006, 01:38  


Spike says:

can a mod delete the last post, i stupidly posed in MP3 rather than WAV, damn jack daniels

20th Jun 2006, 01:39

mandy says:

wants to see the dancing.


20th Jun 2006, 01:49

Spike says:

the dancing was... an odd sight..

cheers hotdog

one person will know exactly how the dance will be like, but i not going to mention who, just imagine me moving my feet extreemly fast with my hands over my head. shaking my head like a madman. then transfer it to the third dimention, whisk it a bit, bring it back and your slowly getting close!!

20th Jun 2006, 01:57

Spike says: know im camera shy,, audio is the best youll all get for now

20th Jun 2006, 02:05

Spike says:

maybe sooon, ACTUALLY, i have dancing feet on my blog somehwre, hang on!!

have a look see HERE

for my dancing feet at the end of the video

20th Jun 2006, 02:17

Spike says:

right, i need sleep.

night all!

20th Jun 2006, 02:25

Spike says:

and ,morning

20th Jun 2006, 10:36

anonymous says:

dude. how posh are you

20th Jun 2006, 10:43

Spike says:

Not very!

20th Jun 2006, 10:49

anonymous says:

just sounded a bit posh there

20th Jun 2006, 11:37

paintist says:

nice moves spike ..:-)

20th Jun 2006, 12:03

Spike says:



20th Jun 2006, 12:07

dave aint posh, its something we seem to do that when we get drunk (by we i mean me dave and steve, we go deep and posh)

20th Jun 2006, 13:26

paintist says:

oh yeah! more like that bloke on fast show who was 'terribly, terribly drunk at the time'

20th Jun 2006, 13:35

yes much like him!

people always tell me and steve we strange posh accents when we go out together

20th Jun 2006, 13:36

Spike says:

mmmmm yeah

21st Jun 2006, 16:13

Spike says:

i can see where the ''''incredibly drunk' ting from fast show comes into it

23rd Jun 2006, 17:16

mouseninja says:

you go deep and posh when u get drunk huh?
interesting.. . .


23rd Jun 2006, 19:48

bronxelf says:

Awww. I missed the dancing....

And you have a nice voice. :)

24th Jun 2006, 23:28

Spike says:

ill dance some other time miss, dont you worry!

and thankyou, ive just heard yours for the first time too. dito

25th Jun 2006, 11:44

Gael says:

that was very cute, with an extra touch of surrealism as my computer decided to accompany the clip with the Media Player Munch Odyssee bug eyed character, doing a little dance in his wheelchair ...

25th Jun 2006, 11:57

Spike says:

oh wow...i wish i could have a soundtrack as i talked!

25th Jun 2006, 12:00

Spike says:

and i just listened to geodynes voice. its hawt!

26th Jun 2006, 12:54

Geodyne says:

Heh - thanks, Spike. It's probably a bit more hoarse than that, normally.

How did I not comment on yours? I'm sure I did a few days ago. I meant to say that I can totally picture "the dance"...

26th Jun 2006, 13:16

Spike says:

hmmm maybe a trace of an accent

18th Aug 2006, 01:26

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