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Sweden v England, Vortex Jazz Club

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New ways to watch World Cup matches, number 2: accompanied by two competing jazz trios, one representing each team, simultaneously improvising a score as the match plays live on a big screen. The publicity promised 'squeaky bonk impro', but it worked out much better than that sounds, swinging between old fashioned silent movie scoring and amusing quotes from old favourites. ('The Winner Takes It All' when Sweden equalised, and 'The Death March' when Owen was stretchered off.)


Great idea... can you take a video in the next match Spank? I'm too curious!!
Thanks anyway for this funny football experience and congrats for england team.

21st Jun 2006, 00:27

SpankTM says:

I tried taking some video with the Nokia 7610 last night, specifically to put on this site. Unfortunately, it's the sort of phone that goes to pieces in the presence of amplified music, and the sound quality was too crap to inflict on everyone. Sorry.

21st Jun 2006, 18:49