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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Watching Dr Who 24/6/06

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I dedicate this photo of DD to all of you who have said that that you like
watching her watching Dr Who!!
24th Jun 2006, 19:23   | tags:,,

Twiglet says:

As I said on rikaitch's moblog, she didn't find it so scary this week. She has no problem with children vanishing, the threat of daleks and cybermen is much more real.

24th Jun 2006, 19:45

Helen says:

She is right.

Nothing happened to the kids anyway.

24th Jun 2006, 19:49

JokerXL says:

Yay! DD-Dr.Who time!

24th Jun 2006, 19:49

Twiglet says:

I just managed to see the very end and cheered madly when the runty Doctor carried the Olympic torch. Then....DD rushed into the loo and boked all over the place. Just spent the last ten minutes clearing it up and although I'd like to blame Dr Who, she has been feeling rough all day.

24th Jun 2006, 20:16

rikaitch says:

Has she been reading Scaryduck?

24th Jun 2006, 20:34

Steve says:

Next week looks very good, I think that this series of pics is dead cute. Thanks for sharing

24th Jun 2006, 20:36

Twiglet says:

He may be the blog king.....but God no!

24th Jun 2006, 20:37

Twiglet says:

Thanks Steve. Yes, cybermen and DD is hoping that Rose's boyfriend will be in it too.

24th Jun 2006, 20:47

rikaitch says:

The rumour is Rose gets killed off next week... As for thingy, her boyfriend, he's stayed in the other universe.

24th Jun 2006, 20:48

Twiglet says:

According to the 2 fans that live here he stayed with the cybermen. Anyway, if Rose is about to die (and I bet she doesn't, Billie would be mad to close such a lucrative door,) we would want the fella there for the big emotional impact. Not that I ever watch it you understand....

24th Jun 2006, 20:51

rikaitch says:

May I point the learned friend here

The defense rests it's case.

24th Jun 2006, 20:57

Twiglet says:

But m'lud, that article does indeed say that the door would be open for her return.....

The jury is divided.......

24th Jun 2006, 21:00

Steve says:

I think that the cybers probably use mickey (the x boyfriend) to locate our earth, perhaps he is even a cyber himself.

Rose will die I think, probably in a romantic gesture towards the Doc.

24th Jun 2006, 21:47

Dhamaka says:

great pic
feel so out-of-Dr-Who-touch

but it has been a great day :D

24th Jun 2006, 22:32

DeanDare says:

I missed this weeks as my lovely mother in law took us all out for a really nice meal at a local hostelry, I will catch the rerun on bbc3 later in the week

25th Jun 2006, 10:34

DeanDare says:

also meant to say wonderful pic of DD as well

25th Jun 2006, 10:34

Twiglet says:

Thanks Dean, glad you enjoyed the meal out too. Only another 2 episodes....then what are we gonna do on Saturday evenings??

25th Jun 2006, 10:47

matt says:

Another great pic! Don't know if your daughter is trully that enthralled by The Doctor or if you just capture the right moment, but the feeling of concentration is immense! Only 2 more! :-(

25th Jun 2006, 13:11

FilbertFox says:

yes i always look forward to the post dr w pic.

25th Jun 2006, 14:12

Viv says:

agree with everyone

25th Jun 2006, 14:41

Twiglet says:

Thanks everyone. Matt: She is totally enthralled and totally in love with him. She was also totally on love with the last Doctor and we have bought her some Tom Baker Dr Who DVDs and she's totally in love with him too.......

25th Jun 2006, 15:23

farmboyphil says:

That would make a beautifull print in black and white on your wall.. she has lovely eyes.

5th Jul 2006, 18:37