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sauna evening ;)

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Here two photos from the gig in the starclub dresden on the 24th june. It
was really hot indeed but it was also one of the best concerts i've seen so the way: does anyone know, why the maximo park towels always smell
soooooo good? i'm not sure wether it is washing agent or perfume...wLo

posted by anonymous

26th Jun 2006, 09:18  

vic says:

good pics they look happy despite the heat

26th Jun 2006, 09:33

SaharaSB says:

sweaty bettys ! :o)

26th Jun 2006, 09:34

anonymous says:

is tom eh naked?

26th Jun 2006, 09:34

poster says:

no he wasn naked^^ but he took his t-shirt off, unfortunately paul said that he wont^^

26th Jun 2006, 09:46

anonymous says:

too bad!
is his hat drenched in sweat? how can taht happen?

26th Jun 2006, 09:50

poster says:

yes it was! but you have to already started sweating from just standing there and doing nothing...

26th Jun 2006, 09:53

LR says:

Morning everyone!

Ta for sharing these! They make me even more excited about thursday :D

Did they play Acrobat?

26th Jun 2006, 09:56

anonymous says:

a well then

26th Jun 2006, 09:56

poster says:

no they didn't. it was my second MP concert and they didn't play it on the first one either

26th Jun 2006, 09:57

clara says:

Hi all.Lovely pix wow-looks a real sweatbath.They should have had electric fans at the side of the stage. I read that the band don't often play "Acrobat" now,for personal reasons.Any further forward with the cake,L.R?

26th Jun 2006, 13:10

LR says:

They played Acrobat in England in december like..not that I'm longing to hear it live. Most people probably kill me for saying this, but Acrobat would kill me..

Nope, but I'm thinking about buying a whole ice cream parlour ;)

26th Jun 2006, 13:32

clara says:

Wonderful idea about the icecream-I feel for you out there in the heat-yes I know what you mean about
"Acrobat." What area is Gelsenkirchen,L.R? I read that the temp is going to rise to 104deg. on Sat.for the match there..

26th Jun 2006, 13:47

LR says:

Could be a bit expansive thought ;)
Gelsenkirchen? The gig is in's in the west.

104eg?? GOD please not!!! 40°C would be too much!!
Read it will be about 29°C on sat AND it shall be raining! That sucks cause my cousin will marry on sat..

anyway, I'm off to melt tonight at the Strokes gig.
Maybe I will even survive it;)

26th Jun 2006, 13:53

clara says:

Thanks for letting me know. Hope you're OK tonight at gig. A cold flannel applied to the back of the neck is a useful tip for overheating,btw.Leave it on for about 10min or so. It does work,I've tried it myself.

26th Jun 2006, 13:57

clara says:

Don't have it freezing cold,just comfortably so.

26th Jun 2006, 14:01

clara says:

And the Park probably used soft rinse on their towels.

26th Jun 2006, 14:02

anon says:

topless tom!

26th Jun 2006, 14:48

poster says:

yeah...but what kind of soft rinse?^^

26th Jun 2006, 16:19

clara says:

Depends on what they feel like using-essence of Rose??

26th Jun 2006, 19:45

Starla says:

Sauna evening? What's the Problem?
Last night I was at the Southside Festival Show. It was really great. We were literally eating and biting the dust. Whatever... it was the best concert of this festival.

26th Jun 2006, 21:25

andre says:

Thank you for this outstanding concert in this beautiful but really bad air conditioned location. Fortunately they didn't move to a bigger location in Dresden making this gig something really exclusive. I was looking forward to this gig for some months now and it was even much better than expected - thank you and please come back real soon :-)

26th Jun 2006, 23:07

poster says:

i think the starclub was perfect because there were so few people which made the athmosphere so tremendously familiar, which i like in particular.

i've never had that much space in the second row ;)

to my mind, the bigger the location gets, the worse the air and the more exhausting the concert gets too...

27th Jun 2006, 08:51

hella(heartinacage-at-web-dot-de) says:

haha i was there too, have to agree with errm .. anonymous, also best concert i've been so far and the location was perfect and no .. barrier .. whatever .. in front of the stage! and first row haha :D fuckin brilliant

27th Jun 2006, 12:27

anonymous says:

i drove three hours in my car to see this marvellous concert..and it was worthwile!oh god it was so perfect,and the atmosphere in the pretty little star club rocked.i hope paul and the park were overwhelmed with emotion because of this great audience ;)

i loved it!

27th Jun 2006, 16:54