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Pictures now mostly coming from my Nokia 6303, Blackberry Curve, Sony Cybershot DSC P200 or Canon EOS450D

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4th Jul 2006, 13:35  

THANG says:


4th Jul 2006, 15:12

spoon_lamp says:

I was about to say "easy for you to say", but it looks like you're having a great deal of trouble with typing! But don't be put off - keep practicing kid! Maybe if you ask your Dad for help with complicated things like caps lock...and you should cover spelling once you get into secondary school!
Well done! You've taken your first baby steps in the English language!
: )

4th Jul 2006, 17:49

Thang says:

You ignorant little cunt you are so rude how can you have the cheek to say i cant spell properly you are obviously old and past it to not know slang! What kind of fucking name is Spoon_lamp you little dipshit ever talk to me like that again and i will SPOON your fucking eyeballs out. The only reason your making excuses for butlins is because your trailer trash and thats the only poxy ''HOLIDAY'' you can afford.

6th Jul 2006, 10:49

spoon_your_eyes_out!! says:

hey im called spoon your eyes out and im ere 2day 2 tell cunts lyk u 2 shut da fuk up wise ill spoon ur eyes ot n rip yo fuckin ball off n use um as fuckin earings or maybe i might gt a fiver on ebay fo dem u fuckin silly CUNT FACE!!!! SPOON DA FUK UP!!!!

6th Jul 2006, 10:51

thang says:

thnag says grrrr grrrr grrrr grrr dribble dribble...........................................

6th Jul 2006, 10:52

frog51 says:

Hahahahaha - what a loverly set of responses:-) Was actually a good corporate fun food and drink (way more than we could actually eat and drink) free arcade games (will post more pics later) discos, live bands, etc etc etc

I wouldn't pay to go there, as it is a tad chav'y, but it was okay as it was just my team that had the entire place to ourselves.

7th Jul 2006, 10:24

spoon_lamp says:


7th Jul 2006, 23:20