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in the days before CAD

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puddlepuff says:


**shivers and hides behind his desk**

In tech school we had to draw like this for 6 months before we were allowed to go CAD.

To apreciate the comp tech,... Oh I did!!

4th Jul 2006, 14:57

same here puff. at uni we had to do all our GA drawings by hand no computers for the first year! untill we understood how to do them with pen and paper we wernt allowed to use the computers!

4th Jul 2006, 15:41

paintist says:

Kozika, these are kept as treasure by Mr P, he used them as a young architecture student, and wouldnt part with them, even tho he hasn't drawn with them for over25 years.......

4th Jul 2006, 16:19

they are lovely looking tools! i dont think he should ever let them go!

4th Jul 2006, 16:28

beth says:

aw i never got to try them. pff to my free for all art course.

4th Jul 2006, 18:00

paintist says:

I got to use dangerous chemicals without supervision on my art course......

4th Jul 2006, 18:02

Caine says:

Gorgeous! Real treasures, those.

4th Jul 2006, 19:22

paintist says:

have you tried to use them?

4th Jul 2006, 19:43

Jenny says:

did you use Rotring pens too, with lots of different sized 'ends'?

4th Jul 2006, 20:28

bronxelf says:

I hope to never be forced to hand draft again. 2 years was more than enough, thanks.

4th Jul 2006, 20:43

hmmmm rotring pens. leeky leeky pens

4th Jul 2006, 20:46

MaggieD says:

OOOh I recognise those ..... I actually enjoyed technical drawing (more so than CAD) ... Dave has some beautiful Negretti and Zambra (some with ivory handles) ... think I'm a hands on sort of person .. bit of printers' ink, a whiff of cow gum ...

4th Jul 2006, 21:03

paintist says:

I did a little technical drawing, but I dont have the paience for it.... I like texture and gesture and serendipity far too much...but i can admire these tools as little pieces of craftsmanship.........

4th Jul 2006, 21:27

Killer Cat(marcusjones_11-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i think these are some very fine tools. i hated hand drawing i had to do it for three years before i got to use the computers i was told i must understand how to draw by hand before computer use!!!!!!

16th Jan 2007, 12:08

factotum says:

The individual tools are amazing forms, and I love the way they each have their own shaped place in the box. Beautiful!

16th Jan 2007, 12:36

Euphro says:

I started my career drawing on film with ink pens, using stencils for lettering etc. I remember it as a stressful activity full of potential for error. I was rubbish at stencilling and I was always smudging things and having to restart because of mistakes. I dreaded having to make corrections on figures (which scientific journals would often require) as it often required restarting from scratch. I couldn't move to computer-based drawing soon enough and I'm still traumatised enough to have no desire ever to go back to pen and ink :)

That being said, I do enjoy sketching with a pencil and I can see that the objects above are lovely things.

16th Jan 2007, 12:53

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