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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

This is where the band post photos of whatever takes their fancy that they think might be of interest to the wider public, from the mundane (backstage) to the spectacular (Archis' hair).

But they are not the only ones, as this Maximoblog is open to you!

Anyone who wants to send in a photo, whatever they feel relevant, we would love to see. The more the merrier, the more creative the better.

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FW: Isle of Wight - View from the Stage

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posted by anonymous

6th Jul 2006, 10:27  

clara says:

This is a great shot.....who took it?

6th Jul 2006, 10:41

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Whew, nice view... fancy being on the wings - you lucky person, you. I like this page, 'cos it seems to be insanity free thus far. You can come back now, Vic!
@ Han and Jen, sorry if I sounded a bit rude before, it's just that your conversations confuse the crap out of me... :D

6th Jul 2006, 19:21

clara says:

Oh Bound,just let them be,they'll never be any different.Don't waste
energy on them.Channel your energies in a positive direction....

6th Jul 2006, 19:56

Jennifer says:

I can't see anybodies face all thier hands are in the way.

7th Jul 2006, 03:42

clara says:

That's what makes the shot so good,Jennifer-it shows their devotion to the band.

7th Jul 2006, 09:19

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

No, what makes it such a great shot is that great view of such a nice, pert, tight white trouser-clad...


Polly has now been censored for crimes against Maximo Park and their music. Apologies.

7th Jul 2006, 09:53

clara says:

Oh Bound.....have you seen the previous photo from the I.O.W.?
(Clara,don't start her up)

7th Jul 2006, 10:48

Jennifer says:

What is a trouser-clad, Bound? It sounds kinda emo. You know, if my friends found out that I like Maximo Park, they would think I'm a trader of eerie guitar hardrock(just kidding). If you saw me you wouldn't think I was emo(true). Liking Maximo Park is kinda a secret to me. It's like, I say I hate emo and punk. Well, I do hate punk, but, I never really listen emo music. I like music that shows how I feel inside, like not happy music. But I'm not emotional. I buy my clothes at Zumiez and sometimes abercrombie, I don't like hot topic. I love guys that snowboard, I think that's really hot. I really don't like guys that skateboard. I love ponderosa and lake taho, if you haven't heard of those sites, look them up. And my all time favorite band is Chevelle, whatch their video send the pain below on yeah. wow, I just wrote a biography about myself.

8th Jul 2006, 01:13

Jennifer says:

Sorry, I wrote so much, everyone.

8th Jul 2006, 01:14

clara says:

Now come on,Bound,explain that phrase to the young lady.

8th Jul 2006, 09:12

clara says:

You must be emotional underneath,Jennifer,otherwise you wouldn't like Maximo.

8th Jul 2006, 09:17

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Thanks for the bio, Jennifer. I refuse to extrapolate on the eariler comment, as it was in poor taste... Wow, Polly refuses to discuss the appeal of Smith's posterior...this is progress!
As for secretly lovin t' Park... most of my friends are into Japanese visual kei rock, punk, metal... I guess they think I'm some indie kid(not really a kid). Labels become unnecessary the more objective you try to be about music. I have Maximo to thank for that. X

8th Jul 2006, 13:43

clara says:

("Extrapolate"-what a wonderful word)Remember "Call My Bluff"on telly? I think that word cropped up there we've really confused you,Jennifer.

8th Jul 2006, 14:42

clara says:

I warn you Jennifer,it can be a
bit "wild and woolly" on this blog,but that's no problem really.

8th Jul 2006, 15:02

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Call My Bluff was awesome.

I wish I'd been at T in the Park today... much as I like posting comments about Call My Bluff... I can't wait til October *sigh*

8th Jul 2006, 17:41

clara says:

Yes I wish I'd been there too......

8th Jul 2006, 17:51

Jennifer says:

Yes, I'm confused but it's ok :) Did anybody watch the mucsic video, I suggested to(it's really awesome, well, to me anyways because, I love the band). Yeah, I guess I'm kinda emotional, or it just might be that I'm a girl, and girls can get really emotional at times like me, but I don't know why? I'm not like, cut my rists emotional. I'm really religous(just thought to bring that up). I now know what a trouser-clad is, I didn't really look at the picture close enough.

8th Jul 2006, 20:03

clara says:

Best put your glasses on, Jennifer,
you might need them on this Blog.

8th Jul 2006, 22:34

Jennifer says:

I don't have glasses, but I think it's because, I haven't learned everything to understand older people conversations.(I'm not trying to be mean).

9th Jul 2006, 02:14

zagafeur says:

Don't worry bound (polly wasn't it?), I at least forgive you...mainly cause I can't remember what went on/haven't read anything here for awhile. But hey, it still counts.

As for Clara...seriously love, get on something. HUG SOMEONE.

9th Jul 2006, 02:57

clara says:

OK Han,I'll hug you.(Hugs her.)
I was only kidding Jen,when I said
about glasses.

9th Jul 2006, 10:33

zagafeur says:

glasses? what? I'm confused...are we fighting or not? I never quite follow these things and just take the shots, hah.
That hug was splendor filled.

9th Jul 2006, 19:38

clara says:

Well,that's nice to know my hugs are appreciated.Perhaps Han should make herself more huggable.Talking of hugs,has Paul ever hugged you,Han?I've heard he's a hugger.

9th Jul 2006, 20:00

Jennifer says:

zagafeur, we weren't fighting it was just a joke that Clara said, and I sorta took it seriously.

10th Jul 2006, 05:39

clara says:

I'm intrigued-why traumatised?I would have thought it would be lovely to be hugged by Paul.

10th Jul 2006, 09:04

clara says:

Unless Han fainted?

10th Jul 2006, 09:05

clara says:

She doesn't have to answer that.

10th Jul 2006, 10:05

clara says:

Well,that must have been some experience.My turn soon,I hope.

11th Jul 2006, 10:02

clara says:

Well Jen, you never know what might happen in the future.You may get one!

11th Jul 2006, 17:09