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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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and I still ain't smoking. Sir Findo will have to be nice to me now,
although he might not want to when he finds out what a self righteous, smug,
totally irritating ex smoker I've become!

farmboyphil says:

Proud of you Twiggers, I stopped 2yrs ago and have been making other smokers lives hell since... ;O)

6th Jul 2006, 19:07

Craigeee says:

Well done! I'm also a reformed smoker give yourself a big pat on the back. :0)

6th Jul 2006, 19:14

Viv says:

well done you..

6th Jul 2006, 19:16

Gael says:

keep it up - treat yourself to something nice each week with the money you save ...

6th Jul 2006, 19:22

farmboyphil says:

like a big Pizza!

6th Jul 2006, 19:23

farmboyphil says:

mmm... they have great pizza in Australia.... *sob*

6th Jul 2006, 19:24

Twiglet says:

Maybe I'll use the money we save to travel. Do you know, I've never had a passport....

*sob* Now look, you've made me cry too!

6th Jul 2006, 19:28

crickson says:

Well done! Keep it up!

6th Jul 2006, 19:32

well done for quitting!!! go you!!

6th Jul 2006, 20:25

wildrainbows says:

Well done you!! Not only for quiting but writing on it without puncturing it!!

You should definately save the money and treat yourself to a super holiday - somewhere you've always wanted to go. It will be more than worth it!! :)

6th Jul 2006, 21:08

paintist says:

you should go into Sarah Lucas....make stuff with them dont smoke them...

6th Jul 2006, 21:29

Twiglet says:

Thanks for all the encouragement guys!

Paintist: All that seems so sad like carrot carving and portraits on grains of rice, but thanks for the idea and many apologies if you are in fact a carrot carver......

6th Jul 2006, 21:32

paintist says:

hehehe....nope but is an idea.....

6th Jul 2006, 22:03

Dazzle_Dust says:

Congrats! I havent been on here in weeks, hence no congrats u moany cow!

At least now u have an excuse tobe so grumpy!!!!!!! :op

6th Jul 2006, 22:38

beth says:

congrats.. keep at it :)

7th Jul 2006, 08:40

fraction says:

Nice one!

You've got more willpower than me

7th Jul 2006, 11:49

Dhamaka says:


7th Jul 2006, 21:58

*mutters* well done, harrumph!..

Seriously, well done you, I'm proud of ya X. It's the best days work you can do, in my book anyway. I didn't feel any better for ages after stopping but then you suddenly get this WOW feeling and you just know you did the right thing.

That enough being nice to you? Can a revert to normal now? can I ? Can I please??

8th Jul 2006, 07:23

Twiglet says:

Yes SFG, I can tell the effort is causing more damage to your health than smoking ever did.

8th Jul 2006, 08:16

JokerXL says:

GoodOnYa Twigs!!

18th Jul 2006, 17:38