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lxs lnn wgnr lvs vwls. rlly.


what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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(saw an eye doctor. am not going blind like i thought i was. rapidly degrading eyesight that worried me so much, and seemed to make everything so worse- has me at 19/20. I had super-human vision, and no one thought to tell me when I had it. except a grandpa who i found things for in what feels like a lifetime ago)

I have been drinking a lot of tea and working a lot of hours. I've been packing and organizing and packing and saving and I almost can afford to buy a car and my life is still a mess but that's how life is.

I finally have a day off, tomorrow, so I'll be trying to get to the photo-place to have some prints made, and after i pick those prints up, the post office, i hope.

also, I decided not to go to england to help my dad pack up because i found out he's moved back here for the near future. hence my packing. and saving.

and things being a lot more awful.

one of my younger brothers is going to be studying in japan for the next year, so I might go visit him next spring, but, I'm not sure.

I've never been to alaska, and I've wanted to go for a very long time. yes, i know there is nothing up there, no, I don't know why I want to go so much.

yes, I am aware of the fact I am extremely disconnected, out of it, and possibly crazy.

also, I miss you.

it's what I feel like saying, even if I've met most of you only once, or not at all.

8th Jul 2006, 06:14  

mat says:

doesn't 'y' count as a vowel?

'ello again. :)

8th Jul 2006, 06:16

alexis says:

not in the word eye ? : )
and, hi!

8th Jul 2006, 06:27

alfie says:

The way you speak is so much like my background; fathers;brothers;passive aggresive guilt complex, 2020 everything but still so flawed//

well, anyway, you get me. Come back and help your dad - you'll never regret doing that.

8th Jul 2006, 06:41

alexis says:

he didn't need my help.
he asked me to take time off so that when he got back we/family could spend time together
I made sure I got the days off , and then he decided to stay there a bit longer, missed his flight, and didn't apologise about my vacation time used up/wasted
I figured things would go like this, though.
and now that he's back in the states, I'm glad I made arrangements to work more so I can afford to move back out. (because I saw this all coming)

blah blah blah blah blah.

how are you doing, alfie?

8th Jul 2006, 06:57

alfie says:

sorry, jus realised I read that so wrong! Glad you dont need to help your da;

if its anything of a sameness, my brother is in costa rica and I miss him

8th Jul 2006, 06:58

alfie says:

Im good lex, chat to you in a minute :)

8th Jul 2006, 06:59

Dhamaka says:

just thought I'd say hi
good to hear your vision problems weren't what you thought, but it's not a nice feeling anyway
look after yourself

8th Jul 2006, 11:43

crickson says:

Hi, sorry to hear about your eye, but I hope it gets better and life works itself out for you. Shame you're not coming back here in the near future - we enjoyed meeting you and would love to go to the pub with you again. Ah well, perhaps we'll come out to you one day.

All the best, hope you enjoy Alaska, Japan or wherever you visit.

No paintings recently?

8th Jul 2006, 23:53

Steve says:

Guess we are going to have to come and see you instead!

Odd pic of you... you look different to normal

10th Jul 2006, 00:27