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MISS ANGEL UP IN DIS MOFO (moved to #2322)

by Angel (moved to #2322)

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20th Feb 2005 - 10th Oct 2007
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Name: Angel Armogida
Age: 24
Location: London

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10th Jul 2006, 18:48  

Sionnach says:

It didn't hurt him that badly, rolling around pretending he's half dead.

Whilst Zidane shouldn't have done it at all, it was disgraceful, something really nasty must have been said to him to make him react this way. Some sources say he was called a "dirty terrorist" - if he was, then Materazzi deserved it, but Zidane should have waited until after the game, when they had rightly won the World Cup ;-)

Oh well, such is the world of football!

10th Jul 2006, 18:50

mat says:

Footballers always do that. It's been the thing I've enjoyed least about this world cup. They're all like "omg, I'm going to die, get a doctor!" until the yellow/red card comes out, then they're magically OK again. Disgraceful.

Either way, it must have been something really nasty, 'cos only seconds before Zindane was smiling at him and patting him on the back...

10th Jul 2006, 18:55

Personally I thought it wouldn't have hurt that badly, but after watching the replay over and over, Materazzi was practically swept off his feet.

And what the hell is so bad about being called a "dirty terrorist"? That just made me even more angry, it's such a minor comment, I thought Materazzi had said something about his parents or kids, but "terrorist"? Pfftt. If that was what was said then Zidane over-reacted badly. Both are in the wrong and should have left it till after the match, which, by the way, Italy would still have won. Zidane would have contributed only one extra goal in the PSO (if any).

10th Jul 2006, 18:59