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Electric Energy
A brief taste of lightening.

Ok, so I dont live in the UK. So sue me. I do have a few friends over there, though. My company even has an office in the UK that I would love to get over and see one of these days. Maybe one day (very soon) I will. Maybe someday I'll even move there. I've wanted to since I was a little kid. For now, I'm ok here in California.

I'm a full 5'6"; 130lb fiesty redhead. I've got a fairly decent outlook on life. I'm grateful for what I've got and I'm not willing to compromise it in the slightest.

I'm an ex-model now working behind the cameras in the broadcasting industry. I love my job and get to travel all the time. I've met some incredible friends and had some amazing experiences because of it.

I'm also a camera ham, as you will learn soon. I'll always try to answer your comments, so please feel free to leave me as many as you like.

At one time I would have said that my favorite book was "The Count of Monte Cristo" because it's such a prime example of what revenge can do. Now, I have to say that it's still a fine piece of literature, but I like it for other reasons than I once did. I'm no longer interested in revenge. I'm interested in telling the truth to anyone who will listen. That's actually EXACTLY what my own book is about. If you're a part of my life, then I can guarantee you are in my book. Remember that. I may not be out for revenge, but karma will always kick someone in the butt.

I just finished writing my first novel. I actually just finished it 9.13.05 so I'm in the stages of editing at the moment. In the mean time, I've also started the second novel, and progress is going well.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you!!!

My simple words of advise :

If something needs to be done, DO IT ALREADY! Dont wait for others to take care of it or nothing will ever be accomplished.

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Crisis in Africa

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Image borrowed from a Google image search under "Somalia"

"Seven million innocent European Jews were killed in the 1940's and we rightly called it the Holocaust.
Eleven million innocent Africans have died of AIDS so far this decade because they were unable to get the drugs that would save their lives. What do we call that?"

--Rob Glaser,
CEO of RealNetworks
Founder of the Glaser Progress Foundation.
14th Jul 2006, 16:23  


Alfie says:

I couldnt agree with you (and Rob) more, although Somalia has a very low incidence of infection (1%) compared to Southern African countries, for example Zimbabwe, where up to 36% of the *entire* population are currently infected, and the cause of death for 70% of under 5's is AIDS. Exacerbating this is a clear abuse of power by the government in denying the very existence of the disease. Somalia has real problems, but AIDS isn't the one killing them.

14th Jul 2006, 16:48

MaggieD says:

small rant: International capatialism, profit before people, US in particular, and in Africa, past imperialism....... if you want to read something on the subject then Noam Chomsky quite a good start....

14th Jul 2006, 17:42

mat says:

well, Bill and Melinda's cash might counteract the US policy of promoting abstinence rather than condoms as a means of checking the spread of HIV. But I doubt it. Bush has the blood of countless thousands on his hands right there.

I do like the Gates Foundataion, but let's not forget that Gates money tends to come with strings attached (we'll give you $10m for aids programmes, but only if your government promises not to use linux)

Chomsky isn't all that, he's not an international development expert, he's a linguist (albeit a good one). His books are highly sensationalist, and in many cases plain wrong.

But in general, yes.

14th Jul 2006, 18:34

Alfie says:

It's so great living in the future.

14th Jul 2006, 18:57

redhead4304 says:

It seems as though I've not been dissappointed with this post. I've stirred up some political views and emotions in some of my far off friends with this one. I'm glad to see that you're all taking part in a discussion on subject so dear to my own heart.

We have many AIDS patients here in the states, and though our numbers here haven't reached the astronomical proportions of those in African countries, I do know some of those victims in my own neighborhood. I dont have many chances to know AIDS victims in Africa, since I've never been there, but I have come to understand how devastating it is to each individual.

In short, something needs to be done. We cant leave it to Gates, Bush, Clinton, or any of the other political "hot shots" to do something. We need to take matters into our own hands if something is going to be done.

Most charities here in the US only have to give about 3% of their earnings to the actual victims and most stick with that bare minimum. I once read a sad confession from someone who was driving a $120,000 sports car who said they worked for a non-profit charity. That's all too common.

Three percent is NOT enough!!!

What would it take to start a charity? Would people be willing to devote time and attention to a matter that needs to be handled with care if they aren't getting anything from it personally?

Somehow I doubt the general population would go for such an idea. Still, my heart has hope.

What does it take to start a charity, I ask?
I ask because perhaps I will.
Maybe that's how I will support the cause I believe in.

14th Jul 2006, 19:09

Alfie says:

hearts, hope, human nature. It's hopeless by those indices mate -do things. only answer.

14th Jul 2006, 19:17

MaggieD says:

Chomsky a good start ..... a good counter balance to the sensationlist (pro American) press in general ...... OK not the best for in depth political debate ..... but does get you thinking ... not sure why you say he is a linguist also not sure what is plain wrong.... what else would you suggest? ..... have you read why you should be a Socialist by Paul Foot? .... it's what turned my thinking....

14th Jul 2006, 20:12

DocD says:

Go Red! AIDS kills - recognise... but because those peeps ain't us it don't seem too matter too much. To get down to the heart of da matter you have to read Black and African writers like Walter Rodney who in his seminal text ' How Europe Undeveloped Africa' dissected slavery and colonialism and people like Frantz Fanon.
My brothers working out in Sudan and the AIDS epidemic there is starting to come through now in a big way. Pharamceutical companies, big bucks and population control are all part of this mixture and yea it fuckin' stinks

14th Jul 2006, 20:40

mat says:

I said Chomsky is a linguist because that's what he is - and a very good one to boot. He's not, whatever he might think, an expert on international relations or development studies. His books are good for waking people up and providing a voice of dissent, but his writing is overly sensationalist and biased (albeit in the other direction than normal) as well.

I like Paul Foot though, he's cool.

14th Jul 2006, 20:59

MaggieD says:

Agree, Walter Rodney one of the best writers on colonialism and Africa, and yes, the multi national pharmaceuetical companies are the most expolatively obscene...... I once childminded for Paul Foot's lads ....

14th Jul 2006, 21:38