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Thanks for the neutering, DICK!

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Ok, I got Winston neutered today. (1) For his health, (2) cuz he's starting to be too sexual, (3) I have no intention of breeding him.

Winston is 'out of it'. He puked 3 times after surgery (carrots - he's not digesting them it seems since the last time he got them was yesterday morning) and I think he puked on the way home. Looks like French's yellow mustard. He pee'd on his front leg when I took him out side. He's just standing around a bit dazed. He's moving slowly.

Him & I are just gonna hang out tonight.

I bought him 3 new toys to play with, once he gets better & a bit more lively.

Stiches come out in 10-14 days.


wildrainbows says:

Aww bless him!

When I got my kitty neutered she was up and rather lively within a few hours which surprised me as I thought she'd be out of it for much longer.

14th Jul 2006, 22:48

hildegard says:

Poor, wobbly Winston. There, there...
You're totally right have him done, on all the grounds you give & the meds soon wear off...
Mmm, nice tags. ;D

14th Jul 2006, 22:58

silar31 says:

Poor little dude. He'll be OK, just takes a bit for the drugs to wear off.

14th Jul 2006, 23:28

Rich says:

that's a very umhappy face, poor doggie

14th Jul 2006, 23:48

Ouch! I'm sorry for Winston, I know animals change character after this operation and become fat s sometimes, I hope he enjoy her new toys and I'm sure you take care of this wonderful puppy!

15th Jul 2006, 00:24

eis says:

Aww..Winston, cutie!

Get better soon!!

15th Jul 2006, 00:34

wildrainbows says:

I've just been aimlessly browsing the internet and look what I found!

You should buy him one, lol!!

15th Jul 2006, 00:36

ookiine says:

I think he'll be more interested in the new toys (and his old ones) tomorrow or so.

Wildrainbows - That is cute! Thanks!

15th Jul 2006, 00:40

hildegard says:

Surely Winston's too young to have the weight gain associated with neutering? Anyway, if he needs a cheering up gift, there's always these


15th Jul 2006, 10:28

ookiine says:

LOL! Heard of those before... Not by name though, just replacements.

15th Jul 2006, 12:34

Twiglet says:

Deepest sympathy to Winston on the loss of his goolies and healing thoughts to the space that is left! : )

15th Jul 2006, 12:46

teresajh says:

Bless him. He looks really pissed with you, lol.

15th Jul 2006, 23:56

karenthecroccy says:

When my z-monster got spayed, she apparently was none too pleased.

She permanently has an "approach slowly" sticker on her file at the vet's office.

I'm sure Winston was much more properly behaved.

16th Jul 2006, 02:19

Alika says:

aww...i'm getting my little puggy neutered tomorrow and I'm really nervous. How long did it take for them to do Winston's surgery? Do you have to go back in to get teh stiches taken out? Is he gonna have to wear the "cone" around this neck so he doesn't hurt himself?

I've also heard some crazy stories recently on other pug websites about pugs not making it through this surgery so i'm a little scared!!

25th Jul 2006, 22:41

ookiine says:

I dropped WInston off at 8am and picked him up around 4pm. He was very groggy still. They say to make an appointment 10-14 days after teh surgery to get the stiches out. I'm taking him tomorrow (12th day after) to get his out. Most dogs do not lick their sutures, so no cone is needed. Winston didn't need one.

Any surgery can be dangerous, for any person or animal. Talk to your vet and see if they do many pugs. Make sure!

25th Jul 2006, 23:11