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Come on England!

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Er. I nearly bought these just to see if they were emblazoned with a George Cross.
17th Jul 2006, 16:39  

Mandy. says:

aw, wish you had! now the world will never know.

17th Jul 2006, 16:40

seaneeboy says:

I'll cheerfully stay in ignorance.

17th Jul 2006, 16:41

spongevid says:

as mandy says, we will now never know!

17th Jul 2006, 16:41

Sir Findo Gask says:

Go back and get them, we the public need to know..

17th Jul 2006, 16:43

Dhamaka says:

we do, we do..

please buy them..

17th Jul 2006, 16:45

paintist says:

the team should have all worn them.. to 'maximise' their performance.....

17th Jul 2006, 16:45

Spike says:

WTF, seriously.. what!?!

i may go on a small shopping trip tonight!

the durex 'tingle' ones are quite fun i must add

17th Jul 2006, 16:47

Mandy. says:

serious out loud laughing at paintist! hahahahaha!

17th Jul 2006, 16:47

seaneeboy says:

Aww, according to The website they're just a selection of the normal ones, no emblazoning...

17th Jul 2006, 16:49

Dhamaka says:

aww :-(

17th Jul 2006, 16:51

Spike says:

what a shame, ill stick with the 'tingles'

17th Jul 2006, 16:56

seaneeboy says:

"Be an England Supporter with this limited edition assortment of condoms designed to maximise your fun in the bedroom:
2x Pleasuremax for the ultimate stimulation
2x Tingle for a tingling sensation
1x Performa to make you last even longer"

Spike - doesn't your "Decoration" cause troubles?

17th Jul 2006, 16:58

Spike says:

"decoration" - nice way of puttin it sean, but no, the ring itself is very smooth so no chance of ripping, ive not yet come across a time when the condom itself has split as cause of the ring!

17th Jul 2006, 17:08

kel says:

That's pretty unfortunate!

A way to build up your hopes and then be sorely disappointed...

17th Jul 2006, 17:16

mouseninja says:

oh dear.

they do put england flags on EVERYTHING now...

that's merchandising for you...

17th Jul 2006, 17:29

(Blue Eyes) George says:

I like a George Cross LOL.

19th Jul 2006, 20:18