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seaneeboy says:
"To Gloucester. I enclose a sponge. Love, Joe"

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So we'll try again then....

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The first one crashed and died over the weekend after only 3 days, so
hopefully this one will last a little longer, like a year or so!!

I took a bunch of pics to use in the review of the handset, but as
Vodafone failed to furnish me with a memory card I lost the lot.

So JC and mat, bear with me while I do some more.

Sorry guys :)

jc1000000 says:

Woo. Mine has been working fine luckily - yet thought myself a fool for somehow losing my memory card, but turns out that apparently these phones don't ship with one - which is really annoying! I've already used up my phone memory on tunes!

18th Jul 2006, 16:19

540air says:

Already? Wow!!

Although saying that, I think it only has a 64mb internal memory anyway, so it wouldn't take long to use it up.

Mine was fine til Saturday morning. Woke up thought the battery had gone flat overnight, so put it on charge. Hour or so later all I could get was the white screen of death.

Tried it again this morning, before I came in and it wouldn't even do that. It was just totally dead.

18th Jul 2006, 16:23

anonymous says:

Yeah I was a bit shocked about the lack of a memorystick. But i hear Sony is trying to push more people to buy them. A bit cheaky really.

18th Jul 2006, 16:27

spinboy(not logged in) says:

oops, that was me.

18th Jul 2006, 16:28

Rhys says:

Must find my 'We're not afraid' wrist band

18th Jul 2006, 16:30

Steve says:

Mine has 18 mins to get here, otherwise I am going to be kicking some Orange ass

18th Jul 2006, 16:38

Dhamaka says:

mine seems to have decided it doesn't want to send anything but email :(

18th Jul 2006, 16:48

Steve says:

Still not here..... Still not happy :(

18th Jul 2006, 17:33

540air says:

Spin - I was less than impressed with the lack of card, but hopefully Crucial will put that straight cheaply

Rhys - How did you spot it from that tiny amount???? I have one on the other wrist too. Maybe I should've got something new by now :)

Steve - After 3pm if it hasn't shown up, you can ring Orange, or whoever, and they should be able to contact the courier to find out exactly where it is.
If you ask which courier they use, they tend to think you know way too much and don't try to palm you off with nonsense :)

D - It should give you send options? "Send by MMS, Bluetooth, Email, Postcard etc."
If you need any help, give me a shout :)

18th Jul 2006, 18:00

Steve says:

I had many conversations today.... a day that I could have been working, earning, I turned down £200 to wait in for these muppets. I am less than impressed.

The first told me that it was on the van at 0830 so it should be with me.

The next said that Parcel line had mucked up everyones orders today.

I rang Parcel line, they said "if Orange can't give you a consignment number then it has not been taken from Orange.

I ring Orange, they say "oh yeah it hasn't left" "but it can take up to 3 days" then why tell me to be in between 9am and 5pm on tuesday???

We then spoke about them making it up to me... they couldn't give a toss.

I then tried ringing Vodaphone to see what they could offer, they said "Press one to be connectted to an operator"... it then hung up just like it did last week... they are all rubbish.

Rant over!

I'm going to cheer myself up with a stuffed crust pizza, a bottle of Rioja, and a shit film.

Thanks for listening

18th Jul 2006, 19:32

Rhys says:

Great episode there Steve.
I have spent many hours on the phone trying to get a replacment from Orange in the past, they had to get confirmation from the regional manager just to replace a bloody phone that costs them, probably, next to nothing, but yet they still kept me on hold for hours. Enjoy the pizza and film.

18th Jul 2006, 20:45

Steve says:

I did..... and feel a little less fucked off now..... unless I start to think about it....

18th Jul 2006, 21:36

Dhamaka says:

540 - not that simple I'm afraid. Worked on Sunday, didn't today. After a *lot* of phone calls I think it's sorted but won't know for sure for up to 72 hours..

18th Jul 2006, 22:54

Gael says:

Confused now, not sure if my probs are down to me or the phone :-(

19th Jul 2006, 12:03

Dhamaka says:

Gael, I discovered to my cost that you need to configure the phone for internet access before configuring it for MMS.

oh, and the email I sent to moblog yesterday 6ish is still floating in the ether somewhere too..

19th Jul 2006, 13:59

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