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The Story of Bottled Water

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Hostas in Love

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It can't be kittens all the time...


nige says:


20th Jul 2006, 15:07

paintist says:

lovely pic, but sort of sad as well..........

20th Jul 2006, 15:09

hildegard says:

Ta :) Don't know if it's a reproductive thing or just dumb luck...

20th Jul 2006, 15:12

paintist says:

I hope its not a reproductive thing....think of all those poor flowers out there that never find each other!

20th Jul 2006, 15:14

Euphro says:

Hostas flower?! (just joking) Very nice capture. A definite sense of melancholy about it, lost innocence, perhaps :)

20th Jul 2006, 15:20

hildegard says:

Euphro - 10 large flower spikes in a 30cm pot in perpetual shade. I was pleased. Another plant that gets regularly divided & passed around. :)
(edit) Wrong pot - it's only 20cm. Very pleased. :)

20th Jul 2006, 17:18

Caine says:

Gorgeous, H., absolutely gorgeous!

20th Jul 2006, 20:24

Entropy says:

I am jealous that your Hostas have flowered but happy that you got such a great shot. Thanks for sharing it.

21st Jul 2006, 22:02

hildegard says:

Plant food. Hostas like plant food. :)

22nd Jul 2006, 00:18