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Dour Festival

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Here are some pictures I took at the Dour Festival in Belgium. It was awesome as usual, can't wait to see them in Belgium again. Retrouvez vos dossiers de partage o? que vous soyez gr?ce ? la nouvelle version de Messenger !

posted by heArtbeAt

21st Jul 2006, 00:12  

Desiree says:

Cool. I just saw these pictures pop up. Too bad you didn't get Paul's head in the second one.

21st Jul 2006, 00:14

heArtbeAt says:

Yeah :s but i really fought with my cam to get good pics. Ended using the flash...And everyone was pushing. Next time they do a festival in Belgium, I hope it'll be in broad daylight XD

21st Jul 2006, 00:16

clara says:

Sounds rather difficult there.Archis looks worried.Was it in the evening?

21st Jul 2006, 08:44

Alfie says:

What a great name, "The Dour Festival", I imagine lots of men into Jazz sort of wandering around looking snazzy and being very,very dour.

21st Jul 2006, 08:49

clara says:

If any of the band are reading this,I received my etched vinyls this morning from the Vinyl Factory Gallery show.They're really lovely-innovative and stylish.I'll be framing one and it will go up on my wall at home.
Thank you,Maximo!!

21st Jul 2006, 14:10

heArtbeAt says:

No actually Archis was smiling all the time :) They all looked pretty happy ;)

Haha Dour is the name of a small village in Belgium. Paul said it reminded him of Manchester...

But no, The Dour festival is the most alternative festival in Belgium. It's very, ahem, "peace & love" :P

21st Jul 2006, 14:32

clara says:

Ah,then that could explain the antics of that person who tried to get onstage.....!

21st Jul 2006, 17:00

clara says:

(I don't mean that as a reference to Dour being like Manchester,I meant the man trying to get onstage might have been stoned!!)

21st Jul 2006, 17:01

clara says:

Unless he was from..........Manchester!(oh shut up,Clara)

21st Jul 2006, 18:58

heArtbeAt says:

Mmh I think mostly everyone was either stoned or drunk around 2pm that day. And yeah, that guy looked very drunk....

I've never been to Manchester, what's it like? :p

22nd Jul 2006, 00:39

clara says:

I went years and years ago,had a friend who knew it well.It rains alot there,the Theatre Royal is nice,but it may have all changed in recent years. The rain's probably remained though!

22nd Jul 2006, 09:36

heArtbeAt says:

Aaaaaaah rain!!! I'm longing for rain! (as weird as it may sound =P) But I'm too damn hot!!! It rained this morning though. I was happy...Now all the heat is back:( When you're used to something....

22nd Jul 2006, 17:21

clara says:

Yes it's cooler in the UK today,we had thunder last night.The high temps are returning next week though....makes everyone flake out in London and the grass in the parks is all parched,it looks sad!

22nd Jul 2006, 17:41

heArtbeAt says:

Yeah, we had a few thunder storms over the past few days, but it didn't refresh the atmosphere, it's still very hot! Although it was a bit cooler this morning than yesterday...

29th Jul 2006, 23:00