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Looking down a speciality.

Teazleicious Diva-cat photos for the lazy at heart.

Now with added kitten.

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21st Jul 2006, 14:38   | tags:,,,,

spongevid says:

i love beands. but i never finish whatever i start making! whoops!

21st Jul 2006, 14:45

OJ says:

I loved the eyelashes - but I was being surreptitious with the photo and missed the stars and stripes lashes and the ones with diamante tips.

21st Jul 2006, 14:50

spongevid says:

i've wanted to try flase eyeleashes, but i'm scared coz i'll look like a fool, and also eyelash glue in your eye sounds painful!

21st Jul 2006, 14:54

OJ says:

I don't think the sky blue metallic are designed for the natural look anyway. Stick with beads though, they're fun....

You wouldn't know anywhere good to get an antique necklace re-strung would you? On the tangential offchance...

21st Jul 2006, 14:57

beth says:

wow. many many eyelashes. lovely and thick too! I love fake eyelashes and have no worries of looking ridiculous in them.

and as far as restringing goes, you don't fancy having a go yourself? I've managed to successfully reknot necklaces before but it is quite a bit of effort. essentially though i think the value of the necklace is determined by the type of beads and not so much the threading? Maybe it's worth a go before handing over to a professional who will probably charge too much. a quick google throws up plenty of places that do restringing too

21st Jul 2006, 15:17

OJ says:

There were hundreds Beth, you'd have loved it (costume shop on Hollywood Blvd). I should have got some as a novelty, but I don't wear 'em so I forgot. The other stuff's from John Lewis haberdashery today though.

Thanks for the rec. Will have a look. It's the lovely Art Deco necklace I wore on my big day. The thread snapped in a Cinderella-like fashion as the clock struck 12. Actually it was more like the wee small hours after the late bar shut and we had to go back to the hotel bar ;-)

21st Jul 2006, 15:22

beth says:

something vaguely symbolic about that?

Ohh I had a look back at the necklace, it is very pretty. Doesn't look like it's got any fancy knotting or anything in place so shouldn't really be a difficult job to rethread? I guess it depends on the original clasps and how they attach to the threading.

21st Jul 2006, 16:34

OJ says:

No, not really symbolic, I'm just making it sound that way. I only got it a couple of days before the do and noticed then that the thread was looking spindly.... Will have to have a look at the bits I think. Perhaps if I don't make a total hash of my impromptu secret sewing project....

21st Jul 2006, 16:39

beth says:

sewing project?

24th Jul 2006, 09:51

OJ says:

It's a present for someone. Was up till midnight last night doing it. Do you sew?

24th Jul 2006, 09:56

beth says:

In a non conventional manner, yes i've done quite a bit, i enjoy it but haven't really made any of my own garments from scratch, just adaptions and embroidery. I once embroidered a whole ocean of different kinds of fish onto a duvet for my fish obsessed friend. That was a mission, but well worth it.

24th Jul 2006, 10:00

OJ says:

That sounds really lovely. I used to embroider a bit in my early 20s - found it quite theraputic - but ended up with lots of abstract scraps of seascapes etc.rather than anything useful. This has got to be the first time I've sat down with a pattern and tried to sew something other than curtains in about a decade...

24th Jul 2006, 10:04

factotum says:

oooh. a secret sewing project! I trust you'll blog it when it's done. ( I wish you'd blog it in progress though. I like seeing how things take shape.)

24th Jul 2006, 14:56

OJ says:

It's not that exciting factotum, but just incase the recipient has this blog address I can't...

Am also considering making myself a summer dress, but not sure about that yet.

24th Jul 2006, 15:04

Gael says:

'scuse me butting in, but ...
you talking about threading necklaces reminded me of a favourite VW quote:

"It was something that lasted; something that mattered for ever. She strung the afternoon on the necklace of memorable days, which was not too long for her to be able to recall this one or that one; this view, that city; to finger it, to feel it, to savour, sighing, the quality that made it unique."

24th Jul 2006, 15:41

factotum says:

Is it To the Lighthouse? Well, now it's one of my favourite quotations too!

24th Jul 2006, 16:22

factotum says:

In fact, I like it so much that I'd like to add it to my user profile. Would you mind, Gael?

24th Jul 2006, 16:23

OJ says:

Thank you for dragging this post up to the high cultural ground...

24th Jul 2006, 16:23

Gael says:

: ) just to drag it back down ... did you know the 3rd series of the L Word started last week?
Factotum - go ahead - it's from a short story called "Moments of Being" which is in a couple of collections, inc. A Haunted House

24th Jul 2006, 16:29

OJ says:

I've already seen it Gael - it's certainly interesting. Some twists and turns in store...

24th Jul 2006, 16:33