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so, the rain arrived

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man, I wish I hadn't knocked the focus off on that last shot. that strike can only have been 500m away.
26th Jul 2006, 21:58   | tags:,,,

Rhys says:

Awesome. Love them all, esp. the 2nd

26th Jul 2006, 22:02

nige says:

the last one is the one i like the most, though. incredible. highlightning-able.

26th Jul 2006, 22:09

mat says:

tbh, the strike in the last photo was well close. It all got a bit bohemian rhapsody around that point.

Storm is still going on, just as impressively (we've had perma-thunder for the last hour), but my nikon's batteries are dead. :(

26th Jul 2006, 22:11

paintist says:

cracking shots!!!! wow :-)

26th Jul 2006, 22:16

nige says:

i cant get Queen out of my head now. i know it's not funny but your comment is cracking me up, mat.

26th Jul 2006, 22:32

mat says:

oh, it was meant to be funny. even more so now I know it worked... :eg:

26th Jul 2006, 22:40

(Blue Eyes) Georgie says:

focus or not, this is a great sequence. More please.

26th Jul 2006, 22:47

nige says:

haha, glad to hear it...

26th Jul 2006, 22:53

mouseninja says:

wow amazing pics!

i really enjoy storms...

27th Jul 2006, 07:45

Uber_Spy says:

Wooohoo! Fantastic shots - nicely captured. How did you get those if you don't mind me asking - a very slow shutter speed and a tripod?

27th Jul 2006, 09:32

Euphro says:

Wow, these are spectacular. The last two looks like superbolts. It was all over by 21.00 in Ely so I didn't get a chance to do any nightime shooting. Still, more on the way today :)

27th Jul 2006, 10:30

mat says:

the last one definitely was, I really wish it had been in focus. Next time though.

'spy - tripod, long (bulb) exposures guessed by hand/eye, and a *lot* of frames of nothing at all. :)

27th Jul 2006, 11:12

Euphro says:

Can you override for manual focus with the lenses you have? (My D50 just kept doing a "focus seek" when I pointed it at the sky, so I over-rode the autofocus).

27th Jul 2006, 11:24

kel says:

Send it this way! I can't breathe!

27th Jul 2006, 11:26

mat says:

Euphro - usually just using the switch below the lens release button, but with this lens (18-55mm), there's another switch on the lens body itself (which I always forget).

Focusing by hand on anything other than infinity is a bit hard though, seeing as it takes about 1/2 turn to cover the full focus range and my hands operate at considerably lower resolution than the stepper motors in the AF! My 50mm lens has a proper manual focus ring, but I wanted width to get as much sky in frame as possible.

I think the camera was set up about as manually as it can be for these shots - hand exposure, hand focus... ah, old skool..

27th Jul 2006, 11:29

Euphro says:

Yes, without a proper manual focus ring it is very hard, but at least for lightning all you really have to do is focus on infinity (sounds quite poetic) :D

27th Jul 2006, 11:33

540air says:

Excellent storm pics. Just wish we'd caught some of it last night, it completely passed us by, apart from a few rumbles late afternoon.

27th Jul 2006, 11:54

Gael says:

fantastic! There most be another one on its way, my internet keeps cutting out ...

27th Jul 2006, 17:36

Uber_Spy says:

Thanks Mat :)

27th Jul 2006, 18:46