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So much communicated in a funny little fold.
You wanted me to know. So now I know.

Steve says:

Nooooooooo! book destroyer

5th Aug 2006, 00:15

i didnt want to say that but you really shouldnt fold the corners of books!

5th Aug 2006, 00:15

Uber_Spy says:

It wasn't me.

5th Aug 2006, 00:23

wildrainbows says:


The poor book!

5th Aug 2006, 00:49

Dhamaka says:

you don't sound very happy about it...

5th Aug 2006, 05:40

Uber_Spy says:

I'm not.

5th Aug 2006, 08:55

wildrainbows says:

I didn't realise the bottom one was your diary - that was very rude for someone to read it, unless they had your permission of course.


5th Aug 2006, 10:06

paintist says:

I am positively aggresive over my books...I can read a paperback and it still looks like new, I hate it when people 'crack the spine' of a book, and as for turning the corners, argh!!!!!!!!

5th Aug 2006, 10:12

nige says:

YEAH! loving the way the page fold on top underlines "KICK TO KILL". smokin' gun.

5th Aug 2006, 12:20

beth says:

they read your diary? and made sure you knew they had? hmm a bit underhand. oh dear.

5th Aug 2006, 12:23

Joe says:

this is why my diary is electronic, and encrypted :).....the bastard though...kick to kill them.

5th Aug 2006, 12:31

Steve says:

That is very low

5th Aug 2006, 13:11

Dhamaka says:

getting quite a consensus here..

5th Aug 2006, 13:18

nige says:

i dig the second image on the list if you click the "mine" tag on this post.

D, you will love it.

5th Aug 2006, 13:29

Dhamaka says:

ah... my least favourite photo in all of moblog (sorry Steve - it's the wrinkles rather than the fact I'm making a pig of myself that does it)

talking of chocolate cake

*wanders off...

5th Aug 2006, 16:11

swamprose says:

uber, so sorry. hard when trust goes.

5th Aug 2006, 17:43

Uber_Spy says:

WR - nope - they didn't have permision.

Joe - great idea.

5th Aug 2006, 19:34

nige says:

you know who it was then, i take it? you are, after all, a spy...

i say name and shame the culprit on national TV. oh yeah, this is the 'net isn't it? in that case, name and shame on international t'internet!

5th Aug 2006, 19:45

Uber_Spy says:

I'm about 98% sure I know who it was. And when exactly. This happened a few months back but 'the evidence' has only just come to light (I'm a slow reader).

Explains a lot really.

5th Aug 2006, 20:46

nige says:

that folding fucker!

5th Aug 2006, 20:59

MaggieD says:

Think it best to confront the person (even after a few months) I reckon confrontation (with all it's tears etc) is better than brooding and bottling ... if you have not done it so far, then perhaps you should do it now...clear the air if you can.....

5th Aug 2006, 21:19

nige says:

*stands behind Maggie*

well said MD.

5th Aug 2006, 21:37

Dhamaka says:

*stands behind Maggie and Nige

6th Aug 2006, 01:01

nige says:

has the culprit been caught and sequestered as of yet? this is my question...

7th Aug 2006, 14:45

Dhamaka says:

if the culprit is a moblogger, he or she is going to have to be either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid to post anything here after what people have been saying..

7th Aug 2006, 15:26

too true. i would, however, like to raise one small note in defense:


*not that i would ever read anyone's diary - thats just shitty*

7th Aug 2006, 16:30

paintist says:

dear god boy....did I teach you nothing!!!!!!
no wonder your(actually I think its ours) copy of catch 22 is in such a mess.....

7th Aug 2006, 16:33

its mine!

well, yours.

anyway, i stand by my bookmarking methods - like i said, a book isn't really a book unless you have to hold it together with parcel tape.

7th Aug 2006, 16:35

paintist says:

These people have the right idea neverlet a book out of your sight

7th Aug 2006, 16:43

you and me mandy, against the world of prissy book-types

7th Aug 2006, 16:44

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