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« older newer » called because of past efforts in both silly footwear & dancefloor antics.

...and this, an attempt to get more techie-fied!


"No matter who you are or what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us ALL the, me, them, everybody!" - The Blues Brothers.


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The Best Trifle.

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7th Aug 2006, 11:44   | tags:,

Viv says:

was thinking you had finished - forgot the finale!

7th Aug 2006, 11:46

T'was the best I ever tasted.

Thanks Viv, it was a tip top end to a fantastic day :)

7th Aug 2006, 11:53

Spike says:

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm trifle (*drool)

7th Aug 2006, 11:53

Viv says:

we must do it again sometime

7th Aug 2006, 12:01

beth says:

i want more triflllee..

7th Aug 2006, 17:34

ho. ly. crap. that looks good

7th Aug 2006, 17:42

T'was, with sherry and raspberries and double cream on top :P

7th Aug 2006, 17:57

paintist says:

I heard mention of trifle........ but we are talking of it in the past tense... :-( the trifle is all gone?????

7th Aug 2006, 18:21

Viv says:

'fraid so....

7th Aug 2006, 19:28

hildegard says:

Oh gawd... triiiiifle, eyeful, follydiddle diyfull... WOOT! WOOT! All for my very ownsome, precious.... yess..
(subsides, drooling...)

7th Aug 2006, 19:48

swamprose says:

another cultural educational moment...

what's trille? a dessert, I know. but what is actually in it? and why haven't I ever had some?

7th Aug 2006, 21:25

You must come to England and have some. :)

7th Aug 2006, 22:44

Viv says:

very simple - this one was a layer of sponge, topped with a glass of sherry and slightly sweetened raspberries, then jelly made up with 2/3 recommended amount of water and then custard and topped with cream - forgot to get the cadbury's milk flake to crumble on top - you can grate chocolate but flake is easier - sprinkles are not the same!

7th Aug 2006, 23:01

Joe says:

even I liked it....and I don't do desert :)

7th Aug 2006, 23:07

swamprose says:

I am so wanting to come to the UK. Looking for someone to trade my house with, in fact. Found a billion trifle recipes on the net and have settled on one with strawberries, blueberries, sponge cake, custard, whipped cream and am using ice wine, the only sweet alcohol in the house. Has to settle for 8 hours. Breakfast?

7th Aug 2006, 23:07

Joe says:

beats my usual of extra strength java....count me in.

7th Aug 2006, 23:09

Joe says:

house swap!....I'd take you up on it but...erm I don't own the house I live in......and I'd miss the trifle too much :D

7th Aug 2006, 23:11

swamprose says:

Anything for England, Joe..: )

7th Aug 2006, 23:11

chris says:

I want trifle. So much.

7th Aug 2006, 23:25

Joe says:

*considers pre packed trifle

tescos is open.....

7th Aug 2006, 23:27

swamprose says:

trifle comes prepackaged? there is NO prepackaged trifle in north america. I think this is a fact.

7th Aug 2006, 23:29

Joe says:

a fact and a travesty.

oh well you'll just have to move here :)

7th Aug 2006, 23:29

swamprose says:

Such travesties are everyday occurrences. The commonwealth is really suffering when I can't get prepackaged trifle. how about squeezy marmite? or toastabags? we are, sadly, an outpost...

7th Aug 2006, 23:38

Joe says:

it's an outrage that we should neglect the colonies in this way....I'll lobby my MP

7th Aug 2006, 23:41

swamprose says:

: )

7th Aug 2006, 23:50

Viv says:

hope it tastes good SR - as for pre-packed trifle - a mortal sin!

8th Aug 2006, 02:53

You cannot beat homemade! :)

I trust you will post a pic of yours SR :)

8th Aug 2006, 11:04

seaneeboy says:

*Must make another trifle of mass distruction*

8th Aug 2006, 11:19

seaneeboy says:

8th Aug 2006, 11:37

OMG Seanee! I wouldn't need to go on the sauce if I ate that TMD!! ;)

8th Aug 2006, 12:01

I plan to make a trifle one day that has all home made ingredients too....even the jelly/ day.......

8th Aug 2006, 12:03

seaneeboy says:

Hehe. Len Corby had some, fell alseep during it, woke up and carried on the conversation he'd been having when he'd dropped off...

Mine's too boozy to be worth doing with all home made stuff, it's a party one rather than a proper one... Oooh, jelly using gelatine leaves or something?

8th Aug 2006, 12:33

Hehe, that Len's a case!

Or vegetarian jelly with agar-agar or guar gum or whatever it's called. I would need to work out how to make custard too.

8th Aug 2006, 12:59

Viv says:

red berry person myself

10th Aug 2006, 00:59

hildegard says:

No-jelly trifle for veggie persons:
Stale sponge cake layer.
Throw in generous layer of:
strawberries, cherries, raspberries or similar, blueberries, pomegrante bits, red grapes, banana slices.
Slosh in sweet sherry & leave to stand until sponge cake evidently moist.
Add layer of thick creme anglais, leave to chill for at least 1 hour.
Top with a layer of strawberry cream (roughly chop strawberries into whipped Jersey cream, chill for 3hrs, before putting on trifle) dredge with caster sugar, chill for one hour.
Serve sprinkled with halved strawberries, toasted flaked almonds & candied angelica.
Or top with syllabub for serious booziness. :)

10th Aug 2006, 02:29

Viv says:


10th Aug 2006, 09:06

seaneeboy says:

I'm sure you/joe have loads of creme anglaise type recipies for custard, but they might not be quite thick enough - you could always try a cornfloury type one?

Ooh, actually, the custard I use for creme brulee might do you, I'll have a rummage for the recipie if you like :)

10th Aug 2006, 09:16

swamprose says:

trifle update. has been educational. have learned a whole new vocabulary: madeira cake, syllabub, and creme anglaise. made it yesterday when blog was down, and is now 'aging 'in the fridge. food research rules.

10th Aug 2006, 13:12

Viv says:

mmmmm....think this blog has started something!

10th Aug 2006, 14:21

nina(parafox42-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

HI. i stumbled across this and it looks like the thread was forever ago. But i made my first homemade trifle i made everything homemade. i got the recipe from my husband's grandmother may she rest her soul. is from england. i thank her everyday for bestowing this to me. It is my husbands favorite dessert.

11th Nov 2008, 18:23

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