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(1) Rory thinks his shirt is cool.
(2) I wonder what the crap in the bottom of Kelvinbridge underground is composed of...
(3) Given all the price rises, I think this should be Morrisons new slogan.

And my god I want a better camera on my phone!
13th Aug 2006, 13:59  


teflon says:

Morrison's is the only supermarket I've been in where they constantly remind you to keep an eye on your wallet/purse/handbag. I wonder if that says something about their clientele?

13th Aug 2006, 14:15

Malky says:

Another slogan for them could be: 'Morrisons! The supermarket for people who can't afford a car so they can drive to Tesco's!'

13th Aug 2006, 14:22

seaneeboy says:

Or "Morrisons! At least we're not Kwik Save!"

13th Aug 2006, 14:32