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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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Now why should this remind me of Puff?

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Dutch magnetic kissing dolls ... found in a charity shop ... I'm a sucker for
charity shop tat .....
16th Aug 2006, 20:35  

paintist says:

I love them...
still no photos tho :-(

I am a sucker for charity shop 'treasure' as well......

16th Aug 2006, 20:38

MaggieD says:

Ah yes the results of last night's furtling ....

16th Aug 2006, 20:40

Come on get on with it!

16th Aug 2006, 20:41

MaggieD says:

yes well, the problem is finding something that is suitable for Moblog.....

16th Aug 2006, 20:45

paintist says:

dear god woman....are you a naturist?

16th Aug 2006, 20:51

swamprose says:

naturist? as in nude beaches? wwwooooo.
thought it was actually more a continental thing.
what I don't know about england...: )

16th Aug 2006, 20:57

paintist says:

down south ( well Brighton) its rife!.....

16th Aug 2006, 20:58

MaggieD says:

No ..... but you have to remember that the we are talking about the era of 'free love' ..... and cheesecloth shirts were very revealing especially when wet ....

16th Aug 2006, 20:58

paintist says:

now cheesecloth stayed bone dry....were you always 'slightly damp 'I dont think it...

16th Aug 2006, 20:59

MaggieD says:

'always slighty damp'!!!!!!!.....

16th Aug 2006, 21:02

nige says:

these are fab. i'm with you gals - i love charity shop "originality" too :)

16th Aug 2006, 21:03

Gael says:

Did you wear 'Hot Pants' with your cheese cloth ?
; )

16th Aug 2006, 21:05

swamprose says:

hot pants? well, when we had our clothes ON, maybe..

16th Aug 2006, 21:06

MaggieD says:

Think hot pants were slightly later .... cheesecloth was more a 'hippy' thing .....

16th Aug 2006, 21:08

paintist says:

i guess I am a little older than you definately hooked the first MrP by wearing hot pants.....

16th Aug 2006, 21:10

nige says:

*has accidentally dropped in on conversation, and now listening intently*

16th Aug 2006, 21:11

MaggieD says:

might have my timescale slightly askew .... it was definitely the wet cheesecloth shirts at the Isle of Wight festival that made it for me ......

16th Aug 2006, 21:16

paintist says:

when was that ...I am talking 1971 ish....

16th Aug 2006, 21:18

MaggieD says:

Nige: For shame!...
P... not sure but it was the first one ... I was very young (18?), went with my older sister and brothers ....

16th Aug 2006, 21:24

Less of the chat and more of the pictures....

Wet cheese cloth preferably

16th Aug 2006, 21:24

swamprose says:

gets out long indian print skirt, has a toke, puts on dylan, lots of other music, gets into VW bus, finds the commune, has a sauna, runs into the icy stream, eats macrobiotic mess, avoids saying mantras, makes something out of macrame, joins others off to music festival....last seen heading west...

16th Aug 2006, 21:25

paintist says:

I too was very young....same age...

16th Aug 2006, 21:25

MaggieD says:

Swamprose: I don't remember many saunas .... over flowing toilets yes .... (and SFG that's as 'filthy' as it gets .....

16th Aug 2006, 21:38

freshlegs says:

they are brilliant

16th Aug 2006, 22:07

Viv says:

oh so Reg Perrin and Grot shop!

16th Aug 2006, 23:43

swamprose says:

the sauna stands out in my mind because of Alison. the boys from the nearby town drove over to see the naked wimmin. they were in their cars by the fence, making loud comments. Alison had explosive hair, was six feet tall. We came out of the sauna to their taunts. Alison just took off over the field, yelling like Boadicea, and all those guys took off as fast as they could. always remember her doing that, kept it as an image of what naked women can do.

17th Aug 2006, 04:36

Viv says:

great story

17th Aug 2006, 13:22

and all this from two kissing bits of plastic. the wonders of mbUK

17th Aug 2006, 13:25

We are *Still* waiting.....

*drums fingers on desk*

17th Aug 2006, 13:51

puddlepuff says:

Yeah, I did miss out on some fun!!

20th Aug 2006, 22:24

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