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Hello World!

Originally from the UK, I now live in the north of Sweden with Crickson

We are scientists :)

I also knit, bake and play the recorder, but not all at once.

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It's the little things that keep you going...

At last! Welcome home Lucia :)
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another pretty flower

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17th Aug 2006, 22:28   | tags:

Dhamaka says:

it's lovely - what is it?

17th Aug 2006, 22:29

Spiderbaby says:

I don't know. Mum said it looked like a miniature agapanthus, but I'm not sure what a normal one should look like.

17th Aug 2006, 22:34

Dhamaka says:

maybe some other knowledgeable moblogger will help

until then it's a miniaga to me..

17th Aug 2006, 22:34

FilbertFox says:

i know what it is.

Its a flower - spiderbaby was right

17th Aug 2006, 22:56

Spiderbaby says:

Thanks FF! I thought I might be OK with that ID

18th Aug 2006, 00:02

Joe says:

your classification is somewhat vague....it is clearly a White Flower....nice shot.

18th Aug 2006, 00:04

Spiderbaby says:

White with green bits, if we're getting specific!

18th Aug 2006, 00:07

swamprose says:

okay. I'll bite. Spiderbaby's mum was right. It is a 'dwarf' agapanthus, also called an 'African lily', but mostly we know the big blue ones that bloom this time of year...also known as the white flower with green bits.

18th Aug 2006, 00:19

Dhamaka says:


18th Aug 2006, 00:41

swamprose says:

sometimes I feel so boring.

18th Aug 2006, 00:42

Dhamaka says:


I asked for an ID..

18th Aug 2006, 00:45

swamprose says:

D, I know. Just that I much prefer the mystery. How do you do italics?

18th Aug 2006, 00:49

Dhamaka says:


18th Aug 2006, 00:59

Viv says:

Knowledge isn't boring

I need to learn about italics too!

18th Aug 2006, 01:08

swamprose says:

okay. enough showing off guys. I might know the names of plants, but italics and BOLD are mysteries of the universe.

18th Aug 2006, 01:25

FilbertFox says:

for me too

18th Aug 2006, 08:36

Dhamaka says:

hehe - incoming to you guys in just one sec, just in case..

18th Aug 2006, 09:45

Spiderbaby says:

Ooh you can do fancy text things!? How? Maybe will have to bribe FF with gin when she returns from holiday :)

18th Aug 2006, 10:19

Dhamaka says:

If you use my contact button to let me know your email, I'll send you my fave cheat sheet...

18th Aug 2006, 11:06

Spiderbaby says:

Ooh! Thanks! Didn't know you could do that - isn't email brilliant :)

18th Aug 2006, 12:16

Dhamaka says:

Yes, and moblog too :-)

will send it when I get yours

(wonder what Steve will make of that)

18th Aug 2006, 12:33

swamprose says:

testing and good morning.

18th Aug 2006, 13:08

Dhamaka says:


18th Aug 2006, 13:14

nige says:



18th Aug 2006, 13:17

Dhamaka says:

Gotta be done, really hehe

18th Aug 2006, 13:26

Dhamaka says:

yes - sorry Spiderbaby

18th Aug 2006, 13:31

Dhamaka says:

I'd like to know too, please.....

18th Aug 2006, 17:32

nige says:

spiderbaby uses picasa! i know this...i use that myself every now and again...

18th Aug 2006, 17:33

paintist says:

oooo....need cheat sheet...pushing button now..

18th Aug 2006, 17:35

paintist says:

Thankyou:-) havent found strikethrough tho....

18th Aug 2006, 17:57

paintist says:

blimey thankyou

18th Aug 2006, 18:04

paintist says:

italics?bold yay!

18th Aug 2006, 18:04

nige says:

you didn't close the bracket-thing, p. all text will now be italic.

18th Aug 2006, 19:06

nige says:

and friggin' bold!

18th Aug 2006, 19:07

nige says:

18th Aug 2006, 19:08

Dhamaka says:

If you can't A-Spiderbaby can...

18th Aug 2006, 19:22

Dhamaka says:

but actually, it makes a visual change...

18th Aug 2006, 19:23

Dhamaka says:


18th Aug 2006, 19:31

swamprose says:

flying by the seat of my pants...here goes...
we can do anything now!
one of my favourite web pages
/> my favourite toronto photoblogger
and back to the original idea of this post--a dwarf white agapanthus

18th Aug 2006, 19:46

swamprose says:

okay. back to the drawing board...sorry spiderbaby.

18th Aug 2006, 19:48

Spiderbaby says:

Hang on, I've not had time to practice yet

18th Aug 2006, 23:08

Spiderbaby says:

Ooh! It works! tests something else

18th Aug 2006, 23:11

Spiderbaby says:

Sorry, playing by myself again!

The funny effect thing is in Picasa which is freely downloadable but not worked out how to put links in yet. It's very easy to use as can be seen above :)

18th Aug 2006, 23:13

crickson says:

...and now everything is in bold italics...

18th Aug 2006, 23:35

Spiderbaby says:

What happened there?! Oh dear. Must have forgotten to stop the bold and italics. Had no idea it would carry on forever. How did you fix it??

18th Aug 2006, 23:42

swamprose says:

this is great. finally knocked off work to practice and wow, we have changed the font forever. looks like the person who began the font has to finish it...hey there spiderbaby, is this in italics?

this should be information on some public post so anyone can express themselves totally.

18th Aug 2006, 23:45

Spiderbaby says:

Oh no! I've broken it!

18th Aug 2006, 23:46

nige says:

check my font skillz

(edit) sheeeeet, it didn't work!

(edit again) yes it did!

18th Aug 2006, 23:48

Spiderbaby says:

Thank you! Would like to put this in bold but daren't just yet in case perpetual bold italic syndrome strikes again.
Will try again in the morning when less scared....

or maybe now. Also just found the edit button!

18th Aug 2006, 23:49

swamprose says:

yes, but now we are dangerous. think of the possibilities.....heh heh.

18th Aug 2006, 23:50

Spiderbaby says:

Ok. must remember the slash thing or all hell will be unleashed. Thankyou and goodnight from me and him

18th Aug 2006, 23:57

swamprose says:

Mandy, you have already demonstrated your finesse with ftnz.

19th Aug 2006, 00:00

swamprose says:

good night all.

19th Aug 2006, 00:01

swamprose says:

and I got colour when I didn't ask for it when I tried to post a site for practice here..go figure.

19th Aug 2006, 00:20