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Teakay Fortoowan and Helen

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This morning the third Galah has spread it's wings and gone elsewhere.
I've named this pair Teakay Fortoowan and Helen, Im not sure which is
which yet - I guess I'll have to wait until they have chicks and then
see who stays at home all day and whose forced to go out to work :-)


SpoonZ says:

We have lots of kookaburahs and lorikeets here too, so it's pretty noisy... when I first arrived in Oz I always thought that the birdsong in the morning sounded a bit "Jurrasic Park" instead of the gentle chirping and songs we got in the UK countryside :-)

18th Aug 2006, 00:56

swamprose says:

When I was in Australia, 'silly galah' was explained to me. They were everywhere, and I liked them. When I came home to Canada, a bird fancier explained to me that they are worth a fortune outside of oz, as they are not allowed to be sold overseas. Then I remembered the aussie farmer with his shotgun, killing galahs who were eating his crops... is this true?

18th Aug 2006, 00:56

SpoonZ says:

Yep, There are can be flocks of hundreds... Theyre really funny birds.. Though out in the sticks they sit and eat the corn that falls off the wagons... unfortunately they tend to eat too much and get too fat to fly so are easy targets for farmers and trucks :-(

18th Aug 2006, 01:00

swamprose says:

silly galah! and Mandy, you would LOVE the bird life anywhere parrots are native. Woke first morning in Oz, no kids. They were hand feeding the cockatoos.

18th Aug 2006, 01:07

swamprose says:

you and pete would love australia. cockatoos in the wild. and signs that make you slow down because you don't know what the velocity of a kangaroo hitting your car might be...

18th Aug 2006, 01:28

swamprose says:

Mandy, hitch a ride next time.Everything in Oz is turned upside down, a photography paradise.

18th Aug 2006, 01:43

swamprose says:

see you there.

18th Aug 2006, 01:48

SpoonZ says:

lol, Make sure to visit us in WA :-)

18th Aug 2006, 02:45

Geodyne says:

I love these shots, especially the top one.

Mandy - Galahs can be loud but they have a lovely chirruping call, nothing as raucous as a cockatoo (which leave you in no doubt they're descended from dinosaurs!). Are you on LJ? Because if you are, I can set you up with lots of travelling through remote parts of Australia photos, mush like your recent trip only different.

SpoonZ - I hadn't realised you were originally British! It seems I've gone the wrong way - and the birds are one of the things I so miss about Australia. When I was there last month the one thing that made me kow I was home was lying in bed one morning, listening to the magpies warble.

18th Aug 2006, 08:51

SpoonZ says:

That's the ones, The magpies in WA are totally different from the UK Magpies, They are sooo noisy.. although both types of magpies are real theives... I'll have to try to get photos of the crows and magpies here, sitting in the trees with the students pens and pencils :-)

18th Aug 2006, 09:02

silar31 says:

I'm trying to decide which one to nick for the famous Silar31 Desktop Of Birdy (and other critter) Goodness :-). I have tons of shots of other birds courtesy of a certain Geo, but no Galahs. Hmmm......#2 it is!

18th Aug 2006, 18:15