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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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Don't think I can bring myself to eat 'em - worried that when I add water I'll get an episode of Spongebob squarepants...


ookiine says:


21st Aug 2006, 21:50

hildegard says:

Couldn't do it - had nice organic ramen with miso instead...

21st Aug 2006, 23:09

farmboyphil says:

Chargrilled PATRICK was apprecited by many fine looking people by the end of the evening.....

22nd Aug 2006, 00:38

Entropy says:



Seriously, I wouldn't be able to do it. I think the tentacles on the package are the reason for that.

22nd Aug 2006, 00:39

farmboyphil says:

mmm... tentacles

22nd Aug 2006, 00:57

farmboyphil says:

yummy...i love squid!

22nd Aug 2006, 01:20

hildegard says:

Rehydrated squid? Rehydrated, partying squid?

22nd Aug 2006, 01:22

Nick says:

You sure love your Japanese food H! LOL!
Seriosly, though the tentacles would put me off too though. I have tried tentacles in the past and really struggled. Squid minus tentacles is fine though :-)

22nd Aug 2006, 13:43

hildegard says:

I have a problem with eating cephalopods in general. They're alarmingly intelligent & can display really complex behaviour like lying... Eating them when they're trying to party just seems indefensible...
Hotdog - the struggle was just biting through it, yes?

22nd Aug 2006, 14:14

farmboyphil says:

I like the feeling of the little 'suckers' on the tentacles rubbing on your tongue....

22nd Aug 2006, 15:15

hildegard says:


22nd Aug 2006, 16:13

farmboyphil says:

It can't be that eeuuw... because colgate came out with a tongue scrubber on the reverse side of thier toothbrushes to simulate the same texture....

23rd Aug 2006, 10:22

farmboyphil says:

..oh and to remove the slime from your tongue.

23rd Aug 2006, 10:23