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Its Spike,

Ive created this blog for little bits and bobs i dont want on my main blog!

which can be found HERE

Enjoy lovely people....and dance!!!

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Brown and Flowery...with usual waistcoat
23rd Aug 2006, 16:47  


not sure about the glasses there mate...

23rd Aug 2006, 16:50

oh wait, its a funny reflection. i thought the pattern was somehow on the glass

23rd Aug 2006, 16:50

he thinks he needs them but he stole them off a girl!!

and OMG foto of dave?

23rd Aug 2006, 16:51

Spike says:

YES aidan.. a rare photo of me!! pfffffffffffft

i like the glasses, they take the GLARE of everything!

23rd Aug 2006, 16:53

dave is hot didnt you know?

23rd Aug 2006, 16:56

nige says:

dude, i'm loving the look. full frontal Spike. hell yeah.

23rd Aug 2006, 16:58

Spike says:

yep... there i am.. full frontal!!

and nige..look. not a GINGER beard.. just slight hints of ginger!

23rd Aug 2006, 16:59

nige says:

a faint waft of ginger is allowed, i feel.

23rd Aug 2006, 17:01

And he's in the toilet.
He's taken a picture of himself pre or post shit.
Who does that?

23rd Aug 2006, 17:02

that looks post-shit. no one can look that happy with a bomb in the bay...

23rd Aug 2006, 17:03


and thats definitly post-dumpage!

23rd Aug 2006, 17:04

nige says:

after dropping the kids off at the pool? sure.

23rd Aug 2006, 17:05

we all do it mandy. even david hasselhoff

23rd Aug 2006, 17:07

swamprose says:

how long does it take in the morning to get the hair to do that? My guys here take longer than i do. mirror skuffles.

23rd Aug 2006, 17:08

Look at you GO!

Lovin' the full frontal Spike (oh goodness gracious that sounds bad)

I also like the title - was the pun intended?


23rd Aug 2006, 17:48

QueenH says:

There he is :)


23rd Aug 2006, 17:53

Joe says:

I'm tempted to highlight this just to get a pic of dave on the front page for ages.

23rd Aug 2006, 17:56

Alfie says:

I reckon it's almost necessary Joe, get Spike out of the posting closet...

23rd Aug 2006, 18:00

MaggieD says:

I could add him to my 'cartoon' list .....*runs and hides behind the sofa*

23rd Aug 2006, 18:07

swamprose says:

hl him. It's time.

23rd Aug 2006, 18:15

QueenH says:

OH he's going to pretend to hate it but really love it hard


23rd Aug 2006, 18:17

swamprose says:

YESSSSS. such a cutie.

23rd Aug 2006, 18:20

HURRAH - well done Joe. Totally deserved.

Day - make sure you post your new hair!

23rd Aug 2006, 18:27

23rd Aug 2006, 18:27

Spike says:

well. check that out, i go in towna nd come back to THIS... shit.. and a HL too

Swamprose.. not too long, it just seems to want to go 'up'

i dont hate it! for once

23rd Aug 2006, 18:40

kostika says:

Great shot spike. Wonderful facial expression.

23rd Aug 2006, 19:25

Spike says:

i think i was shouting 'fuckin 'a'

23rd Aug 2006, 19:30

bronxelf says:

Awesome. :D Looking good there, Dave.

23rd Aug 2006, 19:44

daz says:


23rd Aug 2006, 19:46

UxB says:

Can I just say....

23rd Aug 2006, 21:09

Dhamaka says:

well hello there gorgeous...

*flutters eyelashes

23rd Aug 2006, 23:03

Spike says:

thanks bronx.. please call me spike! dave is too worky for my liking, and UxB,, say away

and Dhamaka... well helloooooo (in usual terry thomas style voice)

23rd Aug 2006, 23:21

Dhamaka says:

*replays bad-throat-voice


23rd Aug 2006, 23:23

Spike says:

my voice is clear now, but im sure i can still immitate!

23rd Aug 2006, 23:24

Dhamaka says:

I've got you canned already


23rd Aug 2006, 23:28

Spike says:

well one day ill have a full blown conversation with you. over coffe, in that place i fear.....LONDON!! (im just a country boy still)

23rd Aug 2006, 23:29

QueenH says:

Yey look at everyone loving YOU!

Fuckin A I say, Fuckin A

23rd Aug 2006, 23:29

Spike says:

FUCKIN A dude...fucking A

H everyone loves everyone here, we all love you too. (i just did a wee dance again for you too)

Wa Wa Wee Wa

23rd Aug 2006, 23:34

QueenH says:

There is alot of love about, I embrace it.

Best dance ever thanks Day

23rd Aug 2006, 23:39

Uber_Spy says:

Yeah for highlighted pearlies...say AAAAHHH!!! :))

23rd Aug 2006, 23:39

Spike says:


and H... theyre ALWAYS the best dances fact... i think ive come up with a new one!! wait... yes.. yes i have

23rd Aug 2006, 23:44

no fucking WAY

What dance!?!?

24th Aug 2006, 09:30

Spike says:

ill show you soon enough my boy.. soon enough.

now bugger off. ive got loads of work to do!

24th Aug 2006, 09:31

haha awesome - get it done

cos i've got some more to give you in a bit

24th Aug 2006, 09:33

QueenH says:

I have too Day, it's to do with stopping being a toast face...good luck with that


24th Aug 2006, 09:41

Spike says:

stopping being a toast face???? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!

stu.. no more dude.. theres shit loads already!!

24th Aug 2006, 09:45

but i have busy things for you to be doing! RAR, i'll give some to Luke, but i might need your help on something else this afternoon

stop being a toast face

24th Aug 2006, 09:46

Spike says:

what do you mean by a toast face..i dont understand.

and what is it...

24th Aug 2006, 09:47

QueenH says:

I'm joking, you have a lovely face, it's all nice and...toasty, toast face

24th Aug 2006, 09:56

Spike says:

i still dont get the toast reference.. you saying im as ruff as toast?

24th Aug 2006, 10:05

toast face? im also confused dave but hey that dont take much. oh i told her!

24th Aug 2006, 10:11

yeah you pretty much got it... and you would have had a choice of things, although in the last 5 minutes i've given one to becki and one to luke, so now the only thing i have left is sorting out the rota for the next 8 weeks or so...

you do it?

24th Aug 2006, 10:13

Spike says:

OOO.. e-mail me now dude, to my work e-mail address.. with HASTE!!

im offended by the toast face comment!

24th Aug 2006, 10:14

who me? ok

24th Aug 2006, 10:15

Spike says:

NO NO NO stuart. you the people manager for a reason!!!

were inundated with network faults at the mo, and .net problems! so no, and i speak for dan to!

24th Aug 2006, 10:16

Spike says:

yes you aidan

24th Aug 2006, 10:16

oh well - your loss. luke will do it

24th Aug 2006, 10:18

QueenH says:

Surely it would be easier to open your cake holes and shout at each other rather than fap about on your keyboards?

24th Aug 2006, 10:29

Spike says:

nah, people dont like shouting over the office..

and H, you would do the same if you were here!

24th Aug 2006, 10:30

could you not just use a phone? of even walk over to him and talk? sent it dave . its a long one!

24th Aug 2006, 10:36

we did some shouting too

shut up H - YOU DON'T KNOW

24th Aug 2006, 10:36

Spike says:

aidan, it got declined,. sedn ti to my yahooo e-mail!

and i prefer this!

24th Aug 2006, 10:40

done and done! well at leaste it gives you an excuse to be on moblog. and if the boss is doing it too, then who is to complain!

24th Aug 2006, 10:45

mouseninja says:

nice to see ur all working hard... as ever ;)

nice pic Spike.. and congrats on the HL :)

24th Aug 2006, 12:14

Spike says:

thanks sami


24th Aug 2006, 14:00

Gael says:

Coming to this very late, but great shot! (I'm also getting a teeny wiff of Rolf Harris on speed from this ... )

30th Aug 2006, 07:43

Spike says:

Rolf Harris on Speed!!!

you got part of it right!

30th Aug 2006, 08:51

yeah the part they got right was your like rolf harris!

8th Sep 2006, 16:16

spike nli says:

how am i like rolf harris??

8th Sep 2006, 17:20

it was a joke dave!

8th Sep 2006, 18:50

rolf says:

rolf harris. hahah

24th Nov 2006, 14:49

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