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[Voice: Yoda]

My home this is. Yes. From England originally I may be, now however Japan my home has become. Mmmm. Return I will, yes, yes, someday return. Now, photographs to share with you I wish. For workers it is time to blog as well, ungh?


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Monkey Action!

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In this case it's the human's in the "cage" (sheltering in the hut) whilst the monkeys do their thing outside. They come up to the hut to get food though (if they're too lazy to scavenge by themselves), although this usually leads to monkey squabbles as the bigger ones want everything. Quite interesting being outside amongst the monkeys - always had the feeling I was about to be monkey-ambushed!
23rd Aug 2006, 16:55  


look at them fingers go!

23rd Aug 2006, 17:02

ookiine says:


23rd Aug 2006, 22:36

joie says:

Those monkeys are funky!

How were The States? And indeed I believe you met up with Bastie...

2nd Oct 2006, 12:24

waps77 says:

Indeed they are funky monkeys! The States went pretty well - a bit of jet lag, but nothing to serious. Met up with Bastie quite early on - the first day of the seminar in fact...I saw him watching a demonstration about recognising non-spoken speech (makes sense?)

4th Oct 2006, 16:54

joie says:

Non-spoken speech? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, no...

5th Oct 2006, 22:11

waps77 says:

It's about (maybe, I didn't watch the demo myself) going through all the physical motions of speaking without actually making any sound (no air passing through). Recognition can be done using throat sensors etc... Could be useful for security, or perhaps other situations when audible speech is impossible / undesireable. But then, this could all be rhubarb....Bastie would probably know more, he seemed intrigued.

6th Oct 2006, 03:41