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Zurich Streetparade #1 - En Route

kostika says:

Well don't you look lovely.

23rd Aug 2006, 21:07

swamprose says:

it's all in the EYELASHES!fabulooouusss.

23rd Aug 2006, 21:08

Uber_Spy says:

Teehee - thanks K & SRose! The eyelashes in action! DAMN those things were hard to get on..

23rd Aug 2006, 21:11

they look awesome! look at them lashes go!

how easy was it to take off?

23rd Aug 2006, 21:13

Joe says:

Happy Spy! :D

23rd Aug 2006, 21:16

Uber_Spy says:

Thanks BL! Getting them off - no problem...:)

23rd Aug 2006, 21:16

ah taking them off easy ? thats good! i always worry that they might pull eyelashes off things like that

23rd Aug 2006, 21:18

Uber_Spy says:


23rd Aug 2006, 21:19

Uber_Spy says:

OI!! Who did that! Thanks Mod :))) hahahaha.

23rd Aug 2006, 21:27

nige says:

the first and the best. cracking shot, chicky. you look divine.

23rd Aug 2006, 22:00

Uber_Spy says:

Hehe. Why thank you Mr Nige :))

23rd Aug 2006, 22:01

ViX says:

Bootieful as always!!

I need somewhere to go where I can wear me some lashes like that!

23rd Aug 2006, 22:26

Uber_Spy says:

Thanks Vix! Naaah - get them and wear them to do your daily bits & bobs! They make for great negotiating...*bat bat* 'Please Sir...would you mind if I borrowed a cuppa suga....'*bat bat*. Hehehehe :P

23rd Aug 2006, 22:44

Dhamaka says:

great lashes there..

23rd Aug 2006, 22:50

Uber_Spy says:

Thanks D. Anyone who can put on false eyelashes without an assistant needs a medal...

23rd Aug 2006, 22:56

Dhamaka says:

at least you got yours off without too many problems..

23rd Aug 2006, 22:57

Uber_Spy says:

Did you struggle - industrial strength glue?

23rd Aug 2006, 23:01

Dhamaka says:

They put individual ones on and some came off fine, but some wouldn't come off at all. Sleeping in falsies is soooooo uncomfortable!

(wonder what Steve will make of that..)

23rd Aug 2006, 23:01

Spike says:

ahhhhhh wonderfull. looking outstanding as usual, and the girl with the pink hair, please tell me thats actually hers!

23rd Aug 2006, 23:20

Uber_Spy says:

:)))) Unfortunately....nope. It is not hers. Unless you'd like to borrow it...?

23rd Aug 2006, 23:24

Spike says:

well. i AM partial to different coloured hair.. but she would look great with pink hair of her own

and that smile of yours..its making me smile.. which i dont do that often!

23rd Aug 2006, 23:26

Uber_Spy says:

wooohooo!! Grin spreadage..hehehe...yey!

23rd Aug 2006, 23:29

Viv says:

great fun

24th Aug 2006, 01:55

daz says:

You look beautiful. :)

24th Aug 2006, 10:30

Alfie says:

You do really look quite beautiful

24th Aug 2006, 12:24

colourful and smiles = winner!

24th Aug 2006, 12:52

Uber_Spy says:

Thank you Daz & Mister Alfie :) The culmination of a good few months' worth of anticipation & excitement! Yeeepaa!

24th Aug 2006, 13:17

Dhamaka says:

is it too early to ask when you're going back?


24th Aug 2006, 19:16

Uber_Spy says:

Ah ha!! Hehehe. Beginning of November. Relocation in the pipeline. *doing cartwheels inside*

24th Aug 2006, 20:45

Dhamaka says:

Wish you every success!
Time to get those German books out....

24th Aug 2006, 21:18

Uber_Spy says:

Thanks D *takes deep breath*. German books are officially out! I can now ask for 2 cokes with sausage & bread. At least I won't starve :)

24th Aug 2006, 21:28

Dhamaka says:

you might die of malnutrition if that's all you plan on eating :P

24th Aug 2006, 21:30

Uber_Spy says:

Good GOD thats an awful thought! Death by Wurst. NICE!! :)

24th Aug 2006, 21:34

Dhamaka says:

would prefer death by chocolate sponge cake personally

24th Aug 2006, 21:37

Uber_Spy says:

Agreed. or Death by Torte. Or Lindt. *drools just a little..

24th Aug 2006, 21:41

Dhamaka says:

or, looking at the response to Geodyne's last post, death by Cadburys Creme Egg (eugh!)

24th Aug 2006, 21:42

Uber_Spy says:

I could do death by creme egg actually! I'm aaallll for the sickeningly sweet..hmmm!

24th Aug 2006, 21:55

Dhamaka says:

Uber! I'm shocked!

24th Aug 2006, 21:58

Uber_Spy says:

*hangs head in sugary shame...heheheh

24th Aug 2006, 22:00

Gael says:

Had fun looking through all of these. Are you going back to do the au pair thang, or have you blagged a job at Lindt ; )

25th Aug 2006, 16:26

Uber_Spy says:

Aaaahhhh...Lindt! Nope - no Au Pairing just yet. Going to do bar work when I arrive & take it from there. Have a job lined up which is AWESOME but also don't want to jinx it by saying its a done deal so..we'll see what happens:)

25th Aug 2006, 23:49

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