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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No6. Sir Findo Gask and Ryan....

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Sir Findo Gask and Ryan
Went to the park to play,
They took along a kite to fly
( it was a windy day) ....

Borris stopped to watch them
As the kite came whizzing by .....
He launched himself into the air..
Who said a dog can't fly?

Inspired by a tag on Sir Findo's recent post "Borris the dog for scale
purposes only and not for flying"...

PS. I was going to do Spike, but bottled out ....

QueenH says:

I don't blame you for bottling out, never know what you might catch

Well done though!

24th Aug 2006, 15:26

Spike says:

haha, dont feel bad for doing a spike version im a jovial fellow of sorts,

ill be quite interested to see what its like

and H...shuuuuush.. no one knows about the chlamydia?!?!?

runs away

24th Aug 2006, 15:27

seaneeboy says:

Wonderful :)

How do you make these? Hand drawn? Graphics tablet? Cutting out bits of paper?

They're all lovely :)

I could imagine that PS ending up on Steve's page of accidental innuendo ;)

24th Aug 2006, 15:28

QueenH says:

Don't worry, your chlamydia has herpes.

They are lovely, go on do a Spike!

24th Aug 2006, 15:30

MaggieD says:

Thanks H
I am sorely tempted Spike ...
Sean - A combination of hand drawing and computer

24th Aug 2006, 15:32

Spike says:

oo, i kinda wanna see it now!

great pictures though, really insightfull too

24th Aug 2006, 15:34

MaggieD says:

Aren't you just a tad concerned about my take on you? ....(no need to be of course 'cos as Nige knows I am gentle) ......

24th Aug 2006, 15:39

Spike says:

not really... im interested to see what everyones take on me is, i dont have to like it, but i also dont have to be offended ever! im sure by the result of past pictures it would come out well though!

24th Aug 2006, 15:41

yeah do spike he will like it hes an attention seaking hoe any way. :P

this is cool!

24th Aug 2006, 15:43

hildegard says:

The series continues excellent... :)

24th Aug 2006, 15:46


I love this picture :)

I'm going to print it out..

24th Aug 2006, 16:30

MaggieD says:

Thanks folks.....
SFG - glad you like it ...hope it prints out alright.....
Bit of a busy weekend ahead, but hope to make a start on Spike ...

24th Aug 2006, 17:32

EVILMINK269 says:

These are so fun, I want one!


24th Aug 2006, 17:49

nige says:

i am here in an official capacity, to underline Maggie's gentleness...and gentility, in fact. :)

24th Aug 2006, 18:49

MaggieD says:

Nige you are most kind, I am sure to quote this back at you though .....:-)

24th Aug 2006, 19:05

Dhamaka says:

*rubs hands*

Maggie. I have a question for after Spike. I'm not sure if your style would lend itself to what I'm going to ask, or if you'll have the time as the new term is looming.... but is there any chance you could do one on moblog in general?

24th Aug 2006, 19:08

Dhamaka says:

btw - your sidebar - I'm not sure I agree with the last two... :-P

24th Aug 2006, 19:15

MaggieD says:

D: It really depends on what you are after .... a single image that encapsulates the whole spirit of Moblog or a wry cartoon type of thing ...... my skills are very limited... could possibly manage a cartoon ....

The sidebar ..... just silliness!

24th Aug 2006, 19:33

Dhamaka says:

Up to you, really. I just thought it would be interesting and fun to see what you might come up with! As far as I'm concerned, you've been on the nose the rest of the time so I also thought that I'd give you an end-of-holiday challenge that might stretch you a little..

re the sidebar. Guessed that, which is why I stuck my tongue out!

24th Aug 2006, 19:38

MaggieD says:

Well it is certainly a challenge - it is relatively easy to pick up on certain individual's characteristics/situations and make them into cartoons (esp as there are such wonderfully colourful people on moblog) .... but a whole set-up/institution - well that's a whole different ball game!

Re: the sticking out tongues..... I thought you were a lady!

24th Aug 2006, 19:46

Dhamaka says:


I am - but I also have a sense of humour and would prefer to never grow up completely. Didn't someone or other say something or other about the benefit of seeing things through childish eyes? Must look for the saying/quote

24th Aug 2006, 19:48

Twiglet says:

I hope SFG has a monacle. I always picture him with a monacle......

24th Aug 2006, 19:54

MaggieD says:

You're right Twiglet there should be a monacle ...... will see if I can rectify that .......

24th Aug 2006, 19:58

MaggieD says:

There you go ..... one monacle ....

24th Aug 2006, 20:08

Twiglet says:

: )

Ah, now I recognise him.....

24th Aug 2006, 20:09

MaggieD says:

mmmm... starting to look like Lord Peter Wimsey.....

24th Aug 2006, 20:13

anonymous says:

not such a bad thing, Maggie..

24th Aug 2006, 20:15

Dhamaka who had logged off because she's supposed says:

to be working

that was me (duh)

24th Aug 2006, 20:16

Ahh I can see now I have my monacle :)

I'll need to print it out again..

This is so cool, thank you Maggie

24th Aug 2006, 20:48

MaggieD says:

SFG: would you like me to email you the original?

24th Aug 2006, 20:52

Would you?

I'll mail you my E-mail :))

24th Aug 2006, 20:54

anonymous says:

edits .... er that was me ....obviously

24th Aug 2006, 20:55

SWMBO says:

Maggie a lovely picture thank you and so like Borris.

I am a bit worried about SFG though, don't make it too easy for him to see, means I'll have to get up before him and put my make up on!

24th Aug 2006, 21:05

MaggieD says:

SWMBO, thanks...... you know I could not find a single pic of Sir Findo's face so I had to improvise ......

24th Aug 2006, 21:11

swamprose says:

great stuff maggie D. Borris is perfect. Out-of-the-closet-Spike deserves the full treatment, if you can do it.

25th Aug 2006, 01:05

Spike says:

:) he he he!

25th Aug 2006, 10:36

SWMBO says:

Maggie, trust me, the improvisation is the better option!

25th Aug 2006, 10:53

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