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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No7. There are many sides to Master Spike....

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Master Spike has many sides
And all of them are valid,
His darker side, his lighter side,
His bright face and his pallid.

His art, his craft, his music
Are central to his core.
His friends are, even more so
(he could not love them more)

The many sides to Master Spike
(and these include his sins)
are held together loosely
by his piercings and his pins..

The camp side of Spike .....
25th Aug 2006, 14:37   | tags:,,,

Spike says:


my camp side..

thank you sp much, i lvoe it!

25th Aug 2006, 14:39

Joe says:

you've excelled yourself this time....superb

25th Aug 2006, 14:39

nige says:

this is by far the best yet maggie. mr ilikepancakes & queen h in the background are brilliant.

25th Aug 2006, 14:39

seaneeboy says:




Love the stu and H bit in the background too :)

25th Aug 2006, 14:40

Spike says:

Wheeeeeee (ive got a huge grin on my face)

"and these includes his sins"

i dont know what your talking about

25th Aug 2006, 14:42

this is really gooooD

25th Aug 2006, 14:42

MaggieD says:

'Twas fun to do .... glad you like it ....

25th Aug 2006, 14:42

that is AWESOME

check me out with pancakes and whatnot...i feel so privileged to be a part of such a work of art

Nice one Maggie D

25th Aug 2006, 14:42

ever so clever.
Very impressed.

25th Aug 2006, 14:42

Spike says:

he he he

25th Aug 2006, 14:43

Spike says:

can you send me the original please, i want to pprin it out

25th Aug 2006, 14:43

nige says:

Speaking of which, was the question ever answered? How much wood would a wood chuck chuk?!?

25th Aug 2006, 14:43

Dhamaka says:

What Nige says..
wtg Maggie!

25th Aug 2006, 14:44

Spike says:

His art and his music
Are central to his core

so true!

seriousy thoiugh, i love it! i cant believe you bottled out before!

25th Aug 2006, 14:45

MaggieD says:

This was the most mobloggable one I thought of :-) .......

25th Aug 2006, 14:50

QueenH says:

hurRAH look at us camping!

It makes me want to go and have fun, bravo Maggie, bravo indeed


25th Aug 2006, 14:52

i know - that's what i though too
was getting in my car to go down the lake when i remembered i have to be at work

look how happy we are!

25th Aug 2006, 14:57

QueenH says:

I know! I'm glad we seem happy people

Screw it lets go, work loses on friday afternoons, to your cars my boys!

25th Aug 2006, 14:59

we ARE happy people! mostly...

yeah screw it, i'll go get the dinghy

25th Aug 2006, 15:00

Spike says:

and ive got to work at the pub tonight!

love the fact stu's flipping pancakes!

25th Aug 2006, 15:01

QueenH says:

In Spikes pictures I'm sure I come across as more 'unstable' than 'happy'

Yeah but we're both going to be there Day, it won't be all bad.

I'm on fire and I don't even care, LOOK!

25th Aug 2006, 15:03

anonymous says:

superb, maggie deefabulous.

25th Aug 2006, 15:04

swamprose says:

me above. need more coffee.

25th Aug 2006, 15:06

you ARE on fire - well done you

25th Aug 2006, 15:07

MaggieD says:

Sorry QH ..... shouldn't have put you so close to the flames .... I could move you .....

25th Aug 2006, 15:24

OJ says:

Maggie D, you crack me up.

25th Aug 2006, 15:27

I love it...

Well done again Maggie D and thanks for the file, it was a little better than the one I copied when it came to printing....

25th Aug 2006, 15:29

Viv says: where do you go?

25th Aug 2006, 15:37

MaggieD says:

There, Helen is that a little more comfortable ?..... didn't want you with a burnt bottom ....

25th Aug 2006, 15:55

MaggieD says:

Thanks folks .... not sure I will have any more time this holiday to do more .....

25th Aug 2006, 15:57

Gael says:

fabulous, you are one talented lady : )

25th Aug 2006, 16:04

we look like we're singing H

i like pancakes, i like pancakes
they make me a happy stuart
i am happy i am happy
la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaa

25th Aug 2006, 16:17

QueenH says:

oooh that's much better thanks Maggie, aren't you a lovely one :)

it was getting a little warm

25th Aug 2006, 16:45

nige says:

i know this isn't a photo, but for the sheer genius of it's art i think it's well deserved of a highlight. wicked Maggie D...hehehe.

25th Aug 2006, 19:11

i chuffing well agree

25th Aug 2006, 19:28

anonymous says:


26th Aug 2006, 00:21

MaggieD says:

Thanks folks .... you are all very kind...

27th Aug 2006, 11:57

paintist says:

this really has been a fun group of pics...... this has to be my fave very very like them all...genius woman, genius :-)

27th Aug 2006, 13:32

MaggieD says:

Thanks P and thanks for email ... have just replied .... it has been fun ...

27th Aug 2006, 13:35

Uber_Spy says:

Have so loved looking at all of your posts Maggie - so much fun!!! A moblog treasure as D said - wonderful! :)

27th Aug 2006, 19:38

MaggieD says:

Thank you Uber Spy,
It is fun...... Moblog is full of such lovely folk .....

27th Aug 2006, 20:40

Uber_Spy says:


28th Aug 2006, 00:23

mouseninja says:

how have i missed these?

they're amazing!

7th Sep 2006, 22:48

MaggieD says:

Thanks Mouseninja .... you are quite a colourful character yourself ......

7th Sep 2006, 22:53

chris says:

Wow, missed all of these (how?!).

Absolutely fantastic!

14th Oct 2006, 20:26

anonymous says:

ive just stumbles across this, very fitting

2nd Mar 2007, 12:50

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