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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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Dionysus, God of Wine

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Still at the sculptor's house...


mrs540air says:

oh yes God of wine we worshipt at his feet ;-)

27th Aug 2006, 01:14

spoon_lamp says:

He wasn't just the god of wine though, was he? Come on! Out with it!!

27th Aug 2006, 11:28

hildegard says:

Erm, vines, wine, vegetation/ agriculture, mysteries, religious ecstasy, ivy, theatre, bulls... have I left anything out?
(edit) Flutes.

28th Aug 2006, 01:57

spoon_lamp says:

can we pretend he was also the god of orgies and hiding fruit in naughty places?

...and who was it that spelled it "Dionysius" (or was it "Dionisius")?

28th Aug 2006, 14:57

hildegard says:

Well, the orgies were possible, if you insist - religious enthusiasm, y'see - it meant to be posessed by the spirit of the god... ecstatic transports of drunkeness...ecstacy being defined as being taken out of normal ways of being... but well, drunkeness + human hydraulics is never a happy combo so maybe not...
Spelling is partly a matter of taste when transcribing from one alphabet to another, but Dionysus wasn't an entirely Greek god, so his name isn't even certain in the original texts; ???????? or ????????. Go figure... :)
As for the fruit... if you're right, I think he's been round here - bought a load of organic fruit & forgot about it... that bag was a very naughty place by the time I found it again - an orgy of fruitflies... :(

28th Aug 2006, 15:18

Gael says:

or Bacchus, of course : )
Have you read The Secret History ?

28th Aug 2006, 15:35

hildegard says:

the DonnaTartt book?

28th Aug 2006, 15:58

Gael says:

that's the one - it was fun to be reading it in conjunction with The Bacchae and various other Classical works

28th Aug 2006, 16:13

hildegard says:

Hm. Do you have any sentimental engagement with it, or do I tell you what I really think? ;)

28th Aug 2006, 16:25

Gael says:

No : )
Let rip ...

28th Aug 2006, 16:26

hildegard says:

Thank gawd. :)
I thought it was a contender for Worst Book of the Year. It didn't sink to the depths of the DaVinci Code but it was low, low, low.
The plot was tedious & predictable, the characters mere sigils of themselves and as such, the weight of pretension they were asked to bear was too great for their puny frames. As narrative devices, I wanted them all to die and soon, then perhaps the rest of the book might turn out to be a competent police procedural or something. But no.
Her abuse of philosophical texts both offended & embarassed me on her behalf. I thought could hear the voice of a bright but lazy student, parotting her tutor's opinions, and the fruits of dilatory perusal of the Routledge Reader series. With perhaps, a smattering from one or two of the shorter canonical works thrown in, so that she can imagine herself familiar with "original texts".
Forgive the purple prose, but I don't think she tried very hard with her writing either. ;D

28th Aug 2006, 16:35

farmboyphil says:


29th Aug 2006, 10:03

hildegard says:

Hehe, was having a bit of an irritable day yesterday but Tartt's book did make me cross when I first read it.
Think it's a bad thing when people take a little knowledge & use it to imply greater knowledge of a subject than they actually have. They end up fudging & misrepresenting the knowledge they have & so add to the sum of human ignorance. That's cheating their readers.

29th Aug 2006, 12:27

Gael says:

I didn't think it was that bad, though I found all the characters intensely irritating. I'd love to read some more book reviews by you : )

29th Aug 2006, 17:18

farmboyphil says:

*nodding vacantly..*

30th Aug 2006, 11:03

spoon_lamp says:

I agree. I was given the Tarty book as a birthday present (thanks Kieron!) and wasn't overly impressed (sorry Kieron!). I did like some of the desriptive elements, like when people are being lonely in the rain/snow (I forget) but yes, bit of a non-book really. Didn't seems to go anywhere or do anything for me.

1st Sep 2006, 07:55