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Helms deep

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It's only a model...

Gimli(congo22-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Is it in the right size for warhammer? if so, was it hard to make?

9th May 2005, 23:52

daz says:

That's pretty cool!

9th May 2005, 23:54

Euphro says:

Finally saw the final part last night. Great model :)

10th May 2005, 00:09

Jack(Hey) says:


25th Jun 2005, 16:01

jackbay131(jackbay131-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

thats just plain awesome ,
im hoping to make a model of helsm deep myself if u cud maybe put some design ideas or helpfull pictures on that wud be great
ty dude

18th Jul 2005, 15:47

kostika says:

Very nice. Good paintwork.

18th Jul 2005, 15:51

lotr fan says:

hey very great model, 1000/1000 lol, ty, thanks to you i can make helms deep map on video games ty and good bye

10th Aug 2005, 23:22

Jonathan says:

could be better

11th Sep 2005, 12:56

spoon_lamp says:

Are you STUPID! What is this, a school for ANTS?!!

11th Sep 2005, 13:53

daz says:

And spoon_lamp proves himself to be a jerk yet AGAIN...

11th Sep 2005, 14:32

spoon_lamp says:

Oh. I thought I was making a reference to a funny scene in a film...but then again, not many people saw Zoolander. I apologise. Next time I shall quote The Sun, it seems to have a far greater audience.

13th Sep 2005, 13:07

spoon lamp says:

i foregot to say gay not guy

23rd Sep 2005, 20:44

daz says:

That was a really bad attempt at trolling... *checks* And I don't even have a dick, after all. So no luck with teh gay sex. ;)

23rd Sep 2005, 20:47

daz says:

REAL spoon_lamp: I'm sorry, I did see Zoolander, but in German, so I didn't get the reference. And I don't read The Sun, either, and I assure you, not being able to buy it hereabouts is not the main reason. ;)

23rd Sep 2005, 20:48

jc1000000 says:

That's my favourite line from Zoolander. I can't help feeling something is lost when it's translated into German...!

23rd Sep 2005, 20:59

daz says:

Stuff always gets lost in bad dubbings. :(

24th Sep 2005, 13:26

jc1000000 says:

Tell me about it! In finnish, the title for Shawshank Redemption is, "Rita Hayward, Your Key to Freedom".

Talk about a spoiler!

24th Sep 2005, 14:37

kiersyman says:

it is so cool man how long did it take you? i play warhammer im making balins tonb and minis tirith and orthanc

2nd Oct 2005, 17:30

ReBorn(mechanicalmonkey-at-msn-dot-com) says:

gd 2 c a nice normal conversation on there pmsl.

anyways dude its pretty sweet.
i making helms deep 2 but not quite the same lol.
im using 4d cinema lol.
trying to find as many 3d images as i can to help with it.
but bfme and 3rd age are helping alot.

28th Oct 2005, 00:47

sam says:

it cool

12th Apr 2006, 21:00

sam says:

how cool is that i need to make one of them is going to be so amazing xxx

12th Apr 2006, 21:03

dd(ddd) says:

realyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealygooda liked the film to

11th May 2006, 14:02

Timmy says:

Great model but if trying for realism to the film sorry but it sucks. Some obviuos key errors and generally doesn't look brill.
good try though

13th May 2006, 22:00

bob says:

ah u guys r all fucked, thats a shit house helms deep, looked like it was made by my little fucked sister. wat the fuck is all ur probs, just pull ur heads out of ur asses and see that its really shit, god, and just stop going on omg, im making my own, can u help me, its like get a life u losers

7th Jan 2007, 23:53