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Where things may not be as they seem.

I understand that we all live on different plains of exsistence, the consensual world is our meeting ground.
But we are forced into a reality that exists only by mutual consent, a contract that we keep for eachother, so we may feel safe within our hard wired reality.

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Serene?? I wish!

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A collage I did a while ago.....I wish It were so.
Bloody banks!
I set up a standing order and it all goes wrong, funny how a little thing like a bank holiday can cock things up init?
and when I complain about an assistant giving me the wrong advise?
(which I acted upon by the way!)
I get told "well she did it with the best of intentions!"
ER....yep I'm sure she did but it cost me money sister.
I hate banks.
29th Aug 2006, 17:00  


Don says:

just breathe deep!!!!
great collage anyway.

29th Aug 2006, 17:06