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I really wish I liked coffee

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This here, for example, is finest Cuban ground coffee and smells absolutely incredible - a deep, complex flavour with chocolate, fruit and tobacco tones nestling amongst other, more familiar coffee smells.

It should be a wonderfully sophisticated, pleasurable and delicate drink.but I only enjoy coffee in "hot milkshake" form (ie: lots of milk and sugar) thus destroying the deliciousness entirely.

4th Sep 2006, 13:08   | tags:,

Spike says:

that does sound simply delish!!!

4th Sep 2006, 13:10

Joe says:


I got my hands on some gourmet java, made one for Tris on friday night....he didn't sleep until sunday....apparently.

4th Sep 2006, 13:12

Spike says:

when i worked in waitrose i used to gte so much on staff discount, and the selection there was tremendous, needless to say now its SHIT!

4th Sep 2006, 13:14

mat says:

See, this is where I get annoyed with myself. I can appreciate good coffee at every stage up to but not including the drinking. I genuinely enjoy the act of making coffee, I can discern quality from mediocre from terrible coffees, I can even tell you where the best shops (in Norwich at least) are for buying your organic fair-trade beans from (and why it's important to buy beans and grind 'em yourself). I adore the smell of coffee, either fresh-brewed, fresh-ground or just in out-a-packet-into-a-jar like in this photo.

But I don't like drinking the stuff. Unless heavily laced with sugar, in which case it make no difference what you made it with to start with, becuase it just tastes of sweet and caffiene.

4th Sep 2006, 13:22

nige says:


4th Sep 2006, 14:28

silar31 says:

Well, I'm worse off than you mat, I can't even stand the smell of the stuff, leave alone the taste. I'll share a nice cup of tea with you though any time :-).

4th Sep 2006, 17:11

monkey_finger says:

i once seduced a girl because of the sweetness of my coffee. FACT

4th Sep 2006, 17:13

Dhamaka says:

but you're enjoying it your own way!

4th Sep 2006, 18:12