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I got myself a new job

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first day.
5th Sep 2006, 18:56   | tags:,

mat says:

nice. congratulations. how was it?

5th Sep 2006, 19:11

seaneeboy says:

Fabby! Congrats!

5th Sep 2006, 19:16

bfish says:

thank you.
I'm not sure yet. First days are always good

5th Sep 2006, 19:21

nige says:

nice series dude. like the stairs.

5th Sep 2006, 19:45

swamprose says:

I hope you like this job. It certainly is a clean well-lt place. I like the stairs. Nice antidote to the office.

5th Sep 2006, 20:03

lilitiger says:

Good luck with the job.
I like the glass ceiling at the top - presumably it's one you can dive through, it would be better if you could..!

5th Sep 2006, 20:47

Viv says:

colours on the stairs image are great

5th Sep 2006, 21:12

beth says:

hope it goes well for you

5th Sep 2006, 21:34

Dhamaka says:

I hope it's fun and you get what you need from it

5th Sep 2006, 21:40

Alfie says:

Nice one, good luck, and you're right; first days almost always are good. Does the pepsi come free?

5th Sep 2006, 21:43

SpoonZ says:

Good luck with the job... I love your top piccy, really made me stop to look, Im still not sure what it is... but can't stop myself trying to figure out whats going on.... Hey if it holds a viewers attention... then it's a winning shot!

6th Sep 2006, 00:34

Dhamaka says:

it's a bfish trademark reflection SpoonZ... isn't it??

6th Sep 2006, 01:29

bfish says:

thank you.

it's an old chocolate factory building, being rebuild for offices. I hope they would keep the fire exit as it is. You can get to the roof by that ladder. The roof belongs to another company, though.

Work is not boring at all, but there is too much of it, to my taste. ... and pepsi is free.

SpoonZ, those are puddles on a sidewalk.

bfish trademark... sounds very nice...

6th Sep 2006, 05:36

SpoonZ says:

I get it now... fab shot! :-) Love the fire exit too, although I'd not have taken that shot.... Im not too great with heights :-)

6th Sep 2006, 07:12

JokerXL says:

Congrats on the new job!

6th Sep 2006, 21:18

PR says:

16 comments.. new job.. man, you're a quite popular guy, I see..
anyway, I live in the house number 17 so my post will have the same number.. I think it's a kind of mystery or something like that

9th Sep 2006, 14:32