Weird....but in a good way!

by Essitam

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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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paintist says:

I love them in new school uniform...he looks so cute, and wow what a smile :-)

7th Sep 2006, 16:55

cheeky monkey time in the top shot - perhaps one of those rare kids that looks forward to going bac kto school?

7th Sep 2006, 16:56

Steph says:

He woke up VERY excited as he loves school (luckily) but quite dubious about meeting his new teacher...He wanted the same one as last year..Miss Johnson... as he had the BIGGEST crush on her!

I too love the first day in new uniform its about the only time he looks smart...true to form he came home minus the tie and shirt hanging out!!

AND yes he has a cheeky smaile that says butter wouldn't melt..BUT i know better!!

7th Sep 2006, 16:59

James says:

Very blue in the morning! He looks a lot older in shirt/tie!

And as we've said before, the kid has good taste (like his mother), cause Miss Johnsonis pretty fitQ

7th Sep 2006, 17:05

i remember i fell in love with miss wood at school.

paintist will confirm...

7th Sep 2006, 17:06

paintist says:

miss wood seemed so old she is only10 years older than you.......
edit * perhaps 15....

7th Sep 2006, 17:13

Steph says:

Miss Johnson is ridicuusly pretty for a teacher...

..And I once had a crush on my R.E. teacher everyone did untill he married my history teacher then all the girls "fell out with him" for having such BAD taste!!!

7th Sep 2006, 17:13

only 15 years older? i wonder how easy it would be to track her down.

and then marry her...

7th Sep 2006, 17:16

mrs wood? i dont remember her. there was one primary school teacher i remember having a crush on, she also had a very pretty sister. they took us to eurika for a school trip.

but he does look happy to be going back to school, strange boy! heehee.

7th Sep 2006, 17:16

paintist says:

yep thats what I thought you would and your older woman thang....

7th Sep 2006, 17:17

Steph says:

Isn't it strange that when in school we wouldn't have even considered looking at anyone 10 years older than us (unless they were footballers/pin ups in magazines) now the older we get the less age matters...

7th Sep 2006, 17:19

yeah. i'm only 25 though...

and bmal, thats miss wood to you. didn't you skip her and go into mr brooks' class?

poor bastard...

7th Sep 2006, 17:24

Steph says:

I'm only 25 too!!

7th Sep 2006, 17:26

well there you go....

i'm not sure i could stretch to a 40 year old, and paintist would never allow it.

7th Sep 2006, 17:27

Steph says:

40....hmmm...maybe she could teach you a thing or two... ;-)

7th Sep 2006, 17:29


7th Sep 2006, 17:30

paintist says:

hmmm is that the sound of grandchildren slipping away.....nooooo

7th Sep 2006, 17:31

see...told you!

7th Sep 2006, 17:33

Steph says:


7th Sep 2006, 17:35

m_f really i dont think so i was definitly in her class. was she the blond lady? which class room was hers?

8th Sep 2006, 09:22

her class was the one that was the other side of the art room to mr brooks'. maybe she'd left by the time you were old enough?

8th Sep 2006, 09:27

ah no i remember her she got pregnant? she was pretty, but no this was when i was in year 4 were you still there? she was very tall and had very long blond hair

8th Sep 2006, 09:30

that was mrs mawson or something - i never had her

EDIT: as a teacher!

8th Sep 2006, 09:34

YES THATS HER!! mr mawson. i liked her!

8th Sep 2006, 09:40

she was alright, but not a patch on miss wood.

she was like angel...

8th Sep 2006, 09:43

i cant remember mrs wood

8th Sep 2006, 09:46

paintist says:

you two have highjacked this little boys first day at school post, to perv on your old school teacher memories....shame on you both.....

8th Sep 2006, 09:47


8th Sep 2006, 09:48

sorry steph...

*goes and sits on the naughty step*

8th Sep 2006, 10:09

Steph says:

That is not a problem I'm sure Jordan would be pleased that his ex-teachers name has had a mention...

...and you can hijack my page all you like, It makes me look popular ;-) LOL

8th Sep 2006, 16:12

hopefully miss johnson will get a nice psychic buzz from having her name mentioned in such a positive light!

8th Sep 2006, 16:19

Steph says:

I'm sure Miss Johnson is already aware of the way her male pupils (and most the fathers) drool over her!!

8th Sep 2006, 16:23

he he. i'm sure she is : )

8th Sep 2006, 16:46

Steph says:

Oh I am....I know she knows...I told her just how much of an impact she was having at the last Parents evening they had while Jordan was in her class... amused me watching her blush!!

8th Sep 2006, 16:50

ha ha! hot and modest - a great combo.

8th Sep 2006, 17:07

Steph says:

I'm sure I have a photo of her somewhere from sports day last year . I'm going to have o try and find it and blog it now....

8th Sep 2006, 17:09

be quick!

8th Sep 2006, 17:10