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We have a 3 bed council house in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales.
You can have it!
All you need is a 4 bed in the Pennines (straight swap) or Gloucestershire (to complete a 3
way swap) or anywhere remote considered...
We love it here, as the photos testify, but with 4 kids growing very fast
we're running out of room and we'd like to relocate back up North.
If you're GENUINELY interested and have a suitable property to swap leave a


540air says:

Would love to swap, Pembrokeshire is lovely with Cardigan being one of our favourite places. Unfortunately, a) There are way too many of us to fit, and b} All we'd have to offer is a 3 bed bungalow (soon to be a 5 bed house) in Essex. :(

Good luck though, hope it all goes well :)

11th Sep 2006, 23:40

way too many of you? and i thought our family was big!

11th Sep 2006, 23:44

540air says:

We have 6 children together, plus mrs540 has 1 extra.
So it would be a helluva squeeze. (As it already is!!) :)

11th Sep 2006, 23:47

I was going to say we have an indoor shed which could convert to a 4th bedroom with a bit of work, but instead I think we'll offer to pay you a visit when we're passing that way and we'll leave a few of ours behind... with that many already it'd be ages before you noticed and by then we'd be long gone!

11th Sep 2006, 23:54

540air says:

hahahahha, you're more than welcome!!

The more the merrier is a general rule of thumb in our house :)

11th Sep 2006, 23:57

yeah same here, so if you're ever heading cardigan way (which is more likely than us heading essex way, no offence) if we're still here then get in touch - I jointly run a poetry night in cardigan (check the early posts)

12th Sep 2006, 00:03

540air nli says:

None taken, and will do, for sure :)

Mrs540's father runs a similar type of poetry society in Suffolk.

12th Sep 2006, 00:06

if you're barbecuing on 16th sept, throw a few extra sausages on the barbie cos the twins and I are celebrating our joint birthdays (17th) so we'll be with you in spirit!

12th Sep 2006, 00:09

540air says:

Will do!! And Happy Birthday to the three of you for the 17th :)

12th Sep 2006, 11:02