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Variety gate

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Outside the theatre in Glasgow
11th Sep 2006, 23:44   | tags:,,

540air says:

Is that gay in the traditional happy sense? Or the ever so politically correct sense.

No homophobic tendencies meant, just that the dictionary definition of gay was "happy".

11th Sep 2006, 23:55

Steve says:

I may have altered the sign....

11th Sep 2006, 23:57

540air says:

ah, that'll teach me to look more closely at things when half asleep then :)

12th Sep 2006, 00:01

Viv says:


12th Sep 2006, 02:04

swamprose says:

but never dull. :)

12th Sep 2006, 02:20

OJ says:

Oh shame, I was hoping that was real :)

Just using the word "gay" is eversopoliticallycorrect 540 air? That's a bit of a no-win situation for the word gay.

12th Sep 2006, 10:40

540air says:

OJ - No no, what I meant was that these days the use of the word 'gay' seems to instantly mean a description of a sexual preference rather than just meaning happy. I'm not sure exactly what I meant about being politically correct, other than perhaps some gay men may take offence if referred to as homosexual rather than gay. In my defence, I was tired and I'm known to spout meaningless nonsensical rubbish at the best of times, so when sleepy it just gets worse :)

I hope no offence has been caused, and if it has, I apologise.

12th Sep 2006, 11:00

OJ says:

I'm not offended 540 air, just interrogating you - in the sense of questioning, not lights in the eyes.

There are sections of the press, [cough] Daily Mail [cough] that think it's political correctness gone mad to call those homosexuals anything other than faggots and queers. Blah...

More gay buildings please Steve :)

12th Sep 2006, 11:25

540air says:

Ah, ok, I see what you mean. Have to confess, I rarely read a paper these days so was blissfully unaware.

My take is, people are people, I'm not going to like or dislike a person because of their sexual preferences. :)

12th Sep 2006, 13:02

Helen says:

Very Gray would be more apt, I think, in this building's case.

12th Sep 2006, 19:19

Steve says:

It is rather apt at the end of the evening and all the actors and designers come out of the theatre which faces it.

"540air says:

other than perhaps some gay men may take offence if referred to as homosexual rather than gay."

Or women.

12th Sep 2006, 23:37

540air says:

It'd be hard to explain what I meant by that in text without it being open to misinterpretation, so I'll have a think about how best to put it and minimize risks, but.... on a lighter note, reading that last "Or women" part instantly made me think of Monty Python's "Life of Brian" :)

13th Sep 2006, 15:26