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The Existentialist

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This morning at 6am about 100 fearless souls responded to an add in the
local rag from our "Artist-in-Residence", Andrew Baines
Andrew was looking to create a piece of living art on Cottesloe beach -
Based on his painting "The Existentialist" he asked people to turn up
wearing a business suit, and bring a black umbrella, they would be
provided with a bowler hat and he also added that they would be getting
wet - It was a spectacular sight of these odd people in a bizarre
situation just staring out to sea as the sun came up behind them. He
also got a group of the girls to recreate their own version of his
painting.Andrew is in the photo taking pictures to use as references for more of
his paintings.Check out Andrews work at his website
[url][/url] there's some really great
paintings there.


paintist says:

also very Jack Vetriano....these are great the sureal quality .......

14th Sep 2006, 06:17

paintist says:

here is one...the singing butler..

14th Sep 2006, 06:19

SpoonZ says:

That's pretty similar to what he does

14th Sep 2006, 06:21

paintist says:

Jack has been painting these for years, and has been massively popular, slated by the 'art' critics of course...wikipedia

14th Sep 2006, 06:29

anonymous says:

I think the Baines paintings lean more towards surrealism, and the Vetriano towards realism... but they are similar

14th Sep 2006, 06:36

SpoonZ says:

Ive just read the article on Jack Vettriano in the wiki... he got panned!!!

14th Sep 2006, 06:39

Twiglet says:

Mad, mad photos!

14th Sep 2006, 07:08

anonymous says:

i love that there were enough game people to make this possible - they deserve a big virtual pat on the back from everyone.

*sends virtual pat*

14th Sep 2006, 09:07

whoops, that was me...

14th Sep 2006, 09:21

Viv says:

just found this after doing a tag search under sunrise - absolutely brilliant!

2nd Nov 2006, 20:53

nige says:

these are so, so great. love 'em. should have been h/l'd imo. wow.

24th Dec 2006, 01:31