quixotic axolotl

by mouseninja

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Mason Exotics


I like my axolotl
I keep her in a bottle
And if I’m feeing cross or mad
Or down or hurt or bad
I pull the cork and let her out
With fiery roar and shout
She flashes sparks and bellows loud
And throws her weight about
And when the monster’s scared
my friends made them hide upstairs
I catch the raging, stamping beast…and put her right back there.
Axolotl in a bottle, I really like you such a lotl.

Source: Whitehouse, E & Pudney, W, A Volcano in my Tummy, The Peace Foundation, Auckland 2002

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..... Interesting...
15th Sep 2006, 12:19   | tags:,

paintist says:

what do you reckon...

15th Sep 2006, 12:21

mouseninja says:

there's gonna be some change...

I should follow my current plans to go for further education... something to do with animals...

and i have support from those close to me...

oh, and my last card said about being creative, and photography, so i thought i would follow what it said, and blog it!


15th Sep 2006, 12:26

paintist says:

yay....the fool knows best...go ahead take the first steps....

15th Sep 2006, 12:29

mouseninja says:

i want to do animal psychology...
going to take a while... haven't found somewhere to start yet...

i'm not held down anywhere now, cuz i've fallen out of love with my job...

i think it's now that i'm not held by anyone or anything, i can do exactly what i want to do...

problem comes when i can't decide exactly what i want to do!

it was Mason's mum who said about there being a need for animal psychologists... and it seems like a great job :)

15th Sep 2006, 12:33

paintist says:

there is a course in Lincoln

15th Sep 2006, 12:41

mat says:

In my experience, it's very rare to know exactly what you want to do. All most people (myself included) can manage is to do whatever seems like the best idea at the time and hope it turns out OK. It usually does. Animal psychology sounds interesting - go for it! Hell, if it doesn't work, at least you tried*, and you can just do something else.

* remember what Orbital say in the opening of 'Satan' - "it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't done"

15th Sep 2006, 12:47

mouseninja says:

wow. Paintist you're amazing... :)
i'd forgotten about Riseholme...

Bmal, i'm stealing her...

and Mat. good plan. :)

15th Sep 2006, 13:07

Mason says:

Do it...

It is very rare to have nothing holding you back.

Also please as the cards for next weeks winning lottery numbers, Thanks.

15th Sep 2006, 13:12

mouseninja says:

where'd you come from? lol

they gave you what channel the footy was on last night, what more do you want? ;)

will have to see what they say later... :)

15th Sep 2006, 13:29

Mason says:

blogging from the motorway.

Yes yes yes I know it's naughty.

15th Sep 2006, 13:48

Sprocket says:

I met someone the other day who worked with dogs that were unable to socialise with either people or other dogs. It seemed like a great job. She had a pack of 3 trained dogs that would force the unruly mutt to be a subservient member of their pack and it then learnt behavioural skills from them by example. Looked like a rewarding job. Plus she got to have 3 dogs with her all day, and spend most of it out of doors – bliss.

15th Sep 2006, 14:23

Mason says:

I'm still holding out for a position as a pokemon trainer.

15th Sep 2006, 14:25

mouseninja says:

well if i find one at riseholme, i'll let you know :)

and Mat, that does sound like a cool job :)

15th Sep 2006, 14:48

seaneeboy says:

Ooh, recon you could find out my worky future?

15th Sep 2006, 15:03

Dhamaka says:

go for it Mouse

so the Joker in the centre's your significator? That's powerful stuff
what's the next card on top? I don't know that deck.
Is the card to the right the Magician?
and the devil/passion card is a warning?

very strong cards, aren't they..

15th Sep 2006, 15:42

mouseninja says:

yeah, there was a lot said that made sense...

my card was the queen of pentacles, and a certain male who's kinda close to me was the king of wands...

seaneboy.. i'll see what they say over the weekend... :)

15th Sep 2006, 17:53

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